First Ride on the Mac

(Rickey Carter) #1

I had my 15" macbook pro linked to my apple TV. This is the experience I have been waiting for. First, it’s been a little while since I logged in (I didn’t have ready access to a PC laptop), but the graphics seemed much richer today. I noticed a lot more ambient sounds. The performance was great with no lags or other computer issues. Nice work guys!

Potential issues:
Two of my kids came to ask me what happened to the internet. I probably should have run a monitor on the bandwidth I was using, but I suspect the internet slow down they notices was result of my zwifting.

Upon “save”, the entire desktop application was gone. A ride summary page would have been nice. I have to fish the data out of strava.

Definitely need an “easy button”. It’s fun to see how life like the simulation feels, but some days I don’t care to climb a 10% grade. Simply adding a “super legs” button to make the ride less demanding would be great. You could cut out all KOMs.

Like others have said, we need a few more riding options.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Zwift doesn’t use much bandwidth, at least, not enough it should be noticeable by others.

Interesting thoughts about the ‘easy button’, but I think for that you might actually need to be segregated into a different world away from the more legitimate rides.

Thanks for the feedback. BTW, the graphics look even better if you use a cable to hook up to the TV, but wireless to the Apple TV sure is convenient.

(Christopher Pallotta) #3

If you’re connecting to AppleTV via AirPlay (no wired connection) then that could account for the wifi bandwidth loss.

(Rickey Carter) #4

I bet it was indeed the airplay bandwidth hogging. I might move the appletv to a dedicated wireless router to give that a test.