First ride on a 1st Gen MacBook Air

I didn’t have high expectations given my hardware (1st gen MBA w/Yosemite).

Needless to say, overall I was very happy. Frame rate was a bit choppy, but I expected that with my machine - its totally useable.

Some feedback (I’m on a KK R&R using Stages PM):

Some kind of marker on the map to show the beginning of the KOM and Sprint. Right now, the clock just shows up and catches you by surprise.

Would like to see ghost riders who hold the fastest times, instead of a clock.

Option to for realtime data showing Avg and Normalized power, and Avg Speed

What’s the threshold to flag bogus riders? Some guy took the Orange jersey with a 0.5 sec lap time.

All for now…great work! Thanks for the invite!!

I did my first ride last night using the latest generation MBA with Yosemite, and I would echo your sentiments exactly. The frame rate was a bit slow and choppy, but I expected this and it was totally usable. I had the laptop mirrored to a 40" TV via HDMI and I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked.

I also thought something to signify the start of the KOM and Sprint would have been nice.

I also thought it was a little odd that the little marker map on the right side of the screen moved from right to left.

Lastly, I thought it was odd that at the end of the ride when “I’m Done” was clicked the app just seemed to crash and close, rather than going back to some sort of a stats or profile page. I would rather the app close with a command Q instead of just an auto shut down.

Overall it was a great experience.

Just finished my first ride on the island with a Mid-2011 13" MBA using Intel HD Graphics 3000. I found the results pretty darn good with no choppyness at all. I wish I had a better machine to compare it too as I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of stuff but it is totally usable and I wish I could have spent more time riding. Will hit it again tomorrow for my normal training ride.