First Ride Breakdown

(Salman Abouzied) #1

Love this system. Very motivating and encouraging to keep riding. Few things I noticed on my first ride.

  1. Despite meeting the minimum requirements, the video was very choppy which made riding distracted

  2. At random times while riding, the screen would become very glitchy and my rider would jump from one side of the screen to the other several times and be caught off road, but if I kept riding, it would eventually resolve.

On the plus side, the hill responsiveness was great and felt real. Will be taking in more ride this week and will get back with more feedback.

(Craig Pate) #2

As I was hoping to get an invite a few weeks ago I went ahead and purchased a much better graphics card. I received my invite first and promptly got setup. My first couple rides were exactly what you describe. New card, no issues. Just a thought.

(Salman Abouzied) #3

I’ve read some forums that one can’t really swap out a macbook’s graphics card because it’s soldered in there… Now to make a case to the wife to upgrade to a newer macbook pro! (crossing fingers)

(Craig Pate) #4

I have a desktop PC, so different world here. Good luck.