Mac Feedback

(Steve Whiteley) #1
  1. Install went smoothly on Macbook Air 2011, OS X 10.10 Yosemite. 1.8 i7, 4gb RAM, HD 3000 384mb graphics
  2. Airplayed to TV via Apple TV, sound choppy, graphics occasional pause but overall very enjoyable and usable
  3. Stages Powermeter x 2 worked fine, easy to switch between bikes, HRM paired easily

Game Feedback

  1. When you click ‘Done’ the application just shuts down, not the best user experience
  2. Flags to mark start of sprints, KOM etc, difficult to see where start is
  3. Have option in setting to display your heart rate to other users, it might be fun to see how hard others are working or for you to show them how hard you are working
  4. Segregate powermeter users and ‘speed sensor only users’ so you can choose which group you compete against. I wouldn’t trust someone who was just using a speed sensor:)
  5. Cyclists seem to pass too close, looks a little unnatural, give a bit more distance between riders
  6. Show average HRM, average power and/or normalised power on screen - helpful when training

Overall though WOW!! - I was hooked, if I hadn’t promised myself a light training day I would have been on it for hours! it’s a gamechanger for sure! I bet Stages Powermeters are jumping for joy.

(David Wakeman) #2

Maybe Wahoo with Kickr are jumping higher :slight_smile:

(Steve Whiteley) #3

Quite possibly, although I know only one other cyclist with a powermeter, so not sure they would drop all that dosh on the Kickr first but who knows

(Kate Weber KoS) #4

Concur with all these items, MacBook Pro Retina 2014 with Yosemite/8GB. The graphics via Airplay got pretty choppy. I seem to be having a similar experience otherwise.