Mac initial feedback

(Dom Pom) #1

Yosemite on a Mac mini 2011
Wahoo Kickr trainer
Garmin 910XT

1- No app icon (in the dock, when app is opened); only a black square with “exec”

2- Passing others is not natural, feels more like gobbling them, we should have a more realistic feel, and pass them on the (left) side.

3- I cycled a bit more than 20 mn for 2 rounds and yet the stats on power did not show for the 20mn mark (only max power over 5s, max over 1 mn, etc)

4- Differences in speed and distance between my Garmin and Zwift

5- I should be able to go back and open the app to see what I have achieved or whats going on on the circuit without having first to connect on Power or Speed with a trainer. I know I can log in Swift on my web browser, but why not allowing the history while off-bike trainer connection in the app itself… on Log-in to be refined.

6- Is this just one 5km loop circuit right-now? Planning to offer say climbs or races A to B?

Overall very engaging game.

(Christopher Pallotta) #2

I’m also on a Mac and will try to respond.

Agreed. This is strange behavior and should be fixed.

Passing seems ok for me, but yeah, it could be smoother. I’m able to use the game in Ultra graphics mode which won’t be possible with a Mac Mini, though, so maybe this is part of the issue you’re seeing? You can watch some footage on YouTube to see what others are seeing at higher resolutions.

The summary page needs works and I never get past-performance data there.

You will always see differences in speed with Zwift compared to your Garmin. Zwift is a virtual world with hills. At the same wattage, go up, you go slower. Go down, you go faster. Your speed sensor on your trainer connected to your Garmin doesn’t take that into account.

Agreed. Interface would benefit from improvements here.

Just one loop for now. Supposedly more in the works. Looking forward to that.

(Michael Henasey) #3


how do you use the game in “Ultra” graphics mode on a Mac?

(Christopher Pallotta) #4

Michael, you’ll need to modify some of the config files. You can find instructions to do this by searching for “graphics” on this forum. Basically, you replace the contents of the basic config file with the contents of the ultra file. Make backup copies of all the files in case you need to revert. I wouldn’t mess around with this if you’re not comfortable and I expect Zwift will make all this configurable in the startup screen soon anyway. Note that the files are “hidden” in OSX so you’ll have to know how to show them. That info is readily available online.

Your system may or may not work well under Ultra mode. I believe only the newest Mac Pros and the new 27" retina iMacs can do this well now. With the new PowerBooks that have a separate graphics card, I’m guessing they’ll run fine in high mode. Mac Airs and Minis will probably only work well with the basic setting as they use integrated graphics.

(Michael Henasey) #5

@Christopher, thanks for your help. I’ve figured it out and started to experiment with the various settings. I’m on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013) with 16GB RAM, and NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M. I’ve found that running at 1920x1080 lowers the FPS significantly but at 1280x720 I can run with headlights and sunrays, SSAO, etc. and get 24+ FPS.