Feedback on Mac OSX Beta

Here is my System :
Mac Pro Mid 2012, Processor 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, Memory 32 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC, Graphics ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB, OS X 10.9.5, Display is an Asus VE278 (27’ Widescreen) Resolution:1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz, Pixel Depth:32-Bit Color (ARGB8888).
I am riding with the new style Garmin “Magnetless” Speed and Cadence sensors, Garmin Ant+ Premium HRM with the new strap that actually works, a CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Trainer, and using a Suunto Ant+ Dongle to connect. I would use a power meter, but that same money could buy me another guitar, so sorry.

So far, I have three rides on Zwift. The first two were one right after the other. The first time that I ran it, I had difficulty syncing my Garmin Speed and Cadence sensors, but I believe that is mostly due to the limited range of the sensors, and my bike not being close enough to my tower.

Today, I had no problem syncing up, but occasionally during the game, while climbing at a moderate pace, my speed on the game would suddenly drop to zero and my rider would dismount until I really cranked up the effort resulting in him getting back on and riding quite slowly up the climb. Is this just the game trying to emulate the difficulty of the climb?

When saving the ride, it would be nice to have the game return me to the dashboard or start screen, rather than just quitting the app.

The distance is quite different at the end of a ride in Zwift than what my Garmin Edge 810 is recording. Today’s ride: Zwift 28 Miles. Garmin: 33.6 Miles.
Is this due to the simulated climbing effort?

When cruising on the flatter sections, the speed is much closer to my Garmin, still about one to two mph slower than Garmin. Close enough for enjoying the ride.

The graphics look fantastic on my system. Absolutely stunning. No dropped frames.

I cannot while riding interpret the two graphs at the top right side of the screen. I guess one is course profile, and the other is location relevant to start/finish, but I cannot tell which of the many dots is me, and which way I am going.

I like the progress bar at the top indicating how far to the next milestone/reward. It kept me on the trainer and in the game for an extra lap as I wanted to pick that up before stopping.

I love this game. I definitely work and push myself a lot harder at this than I was able to do on my own with just numbers in front of me, or with training videos. I really enjoy the Sufferfest vids, but this is much better.
Part of the problem that I have with training videos, and I own a lot of them, is that after using them a couple of times, I get to know the workout to the point that I can predict and anticipate the intervals. Then I lose motivation. Also, the music on most training videos is just awful. With Zwift, I can run an iTunes playlist in the background if I want music, or just go with the sounds of nature in the game.

Even though the course is the same, and I am getting to know it already, the interaction with other riders is always different. Sort of like doing a weekly crit or a shop ride. Some of the same people are always there, but there are always a few new faces, and people might ride in a more or less competitive manner from one week to the next depending upon their mood, fitness, recovery or what have you.

In the fall, I was riding a lot (for me). About 200 miles weekly, then I was in an automobile accident. My neck and left shoulder were injured. I have been in Physical therapy, but have not been able to ride because I just could not lean on the bars for more than a couple of minutes. I have finally been showing significant improvement to my range of motion, and the level of pain, so the other day I decided to use my Zwift invite to test myself on the bike. I really did not expect to be able to spend this much time in the saddle, but it’s working for me, and so is Zwift. This is valuable training tool for me. Keep up the great work!

Art, I’m also using a Mac Pro and mine is about 10 feet away from the bike. I found that plugging the ANT+ stick directly into the computer would work, but that the signal was weak. You can test this in Trainer Road as it gives you a signal strength indicator for all connected devices. As has been recommended by others, get yourself a USB 2.0 extension cable and plug the ANT stick into the end to bring it closer to your bike. That did the trick for me.

The speed difference you’re seeing compared to your Garmin is indeed the result of Zwift computing grade. At the same power, going uphill reduces speed and going down increases it. Your Garmin is just picking up the wheel spin which stays the same at any given power.

In the upper right displays, you are the larger solid orange pointer. The other pointers indicate other riders and their positions. One display is a closeup and the other shows your position on the entire course.

Good luck with your recovery from the accident!

just finished my first ride tonight. Riding a kickr and kept getting signal drop. I used a usb extension cable for my garmin ant+ and didn’t have any problems after that. Been using trainer road…this is so much more engaging. I actually went into my drops on a downhill thinking it would help. amazing…I wish my buddies got their invites already! THANKS!

I personally like seeing the w/kg of the other riders - that way, you can see who’s putting out similar efforts and tag along for the ride!! Its too hard to judge other’s speed visually.