Mac beta after ~70 miles

Overall, I’m really happy with my Zwift experience. I’ve noticed a few issues with the Mac beta version that I hope will be helpful to the developers:

Until today, I was not able to access the drop-down menus during rides. But I was able to do so from the power meter/HR monitor search screen when I re-loaded the program but prior to riding. I didn’t get back on my trainer to see if it was the starting of a ride that caused them to be inaccessible.

The game does not seem to be tracking my personal bests from ride to ride. I can see what I’ve done in one ride but I can’t compare those numbers to previous rides.

On, I can see my chosen flag (Belize) but it doesn’t show up in the game.

My profile pic shows up on the support website but not on the website and, bizarrely, it is an old Strava photo that I haven’t used in months - I updated it a while ago in Strava and I can’t see the one I’m seeing in the Zwift support community on Strava anymore.

I noticed someone pulled over to the side of the road in the tunnel and their body was halfway through the wall.

I’m getting better at drafting but it’s still tricky. Some additional visual cues would be helpful, I think.

I like the different views but I think some of them are throw-aways. The helicopter is cool but it goes up super high and then doesn’t seem to come back down. It would be better if it followed the rider and created a variety of shots. I’d like a view from behind the rider that was a bit further back and maybe a bit higher up. Maybe a view that was up much higher to easily check how far back behind someone’s wheel you are.

The game icon in the dock is just a box with “exec” in it when the game is running.

It’s been fun to run Trainerroad via bluetooth on my iPhone while running Zwift simultaneously with ANT+. I’ve run into a couple glitches but overall it works really well.

I am not crazy about the power-ups. Especially the burritos.

It might be nice to have some sort of visual cue, maybe in the rider list, about riders that have “joined” each other. Sometimes it’s fun to ride in a group but I don’t want to inadvertently annoy anyone by breaking up their team practice pace line.

I noticed some people were text messaging each other. I guess I don’t have that functionality yet but that’s a step forward. Voice would be best, though. I suppose I could try running Skype simultaneously or something like that.

That’s all I can think of right now. Great job so far! I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

System specs: Mid 2012 MacBook Air, OSX Yosemite 10.10.2, 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM

I can confirm 2, 5 and 8. 6 and 11 are some great additions imo. For text messages, just type M on your keyboard :slight_smile: (full list on

Maybe the site is using Gravatar for the profile pics? Seems to have pulled mine from there.

  1. Are you using Strava, you can set Zwift up to one touch upload your ride.
  2. Drafting gets easier with more practice. You’ll be sucking wheel like a pro in no time :wink:
  3. I hate the Burritos also but the rest are handy for recovery after a hard effort or useful when pulling at the front of a large group.
  4. Use M on the keyboard to do group messaging, it shows up for everyone.

Thanks for the help, guys. Gravatar fixed it. I’ll check out the “M” messaging function next ride.

I am using Strava and I love the integration. But what I was referring to is the screen that you see when you finish a ride in Zwift that shows your best performances in watts over certain time periods. It looks like it should be comparing your performance to previous Zwift sessions but it hasn’t been pulling my data from previous rides.