Apple 4K feels slow

I just switched from using an old Mac Book pro for Zwift to Apple 4K TV with a flat screen TV and much to my surprise I’m much slower on Apple TV. Like, minutes slower for some segments. It’s obvious when I’m riding that it’s slower. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there some kind of settings I can change? Thanks so much!

Hello @Mimi_Sheean and welcome to the forums!

Can you tell us more about your setup, what trainer are you using, power meters, etc…? Did you change anything else other than the Mac Book and the Apple TV? You may notice a change in graphics quality with the Apple TV depending on how powerful the Mac Book was. Apple TV gets the lowest graphics tier, Basic, and the frame rates are sometimes pretty low. But that shouldn’t really effect your speed in the game, if the power source is the same then it shouldn’t really matter.

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Hi Mike, thanks for responding. I’m using a Wahoo Kickr. The MacBook is about 9 years old, so it’s OLD. I had the trainer setting on “medium” with the MacBook, so I just lowered it halfway to off, and it “feels”like the same speed now. Still, weird that I had to change the settings to get the same feel. I’m still getting used to how Apple TV works with Zwift, it’s different for sure and is a little less intuitive. Thanks!