Rider Slower with Apple TV 4K

Hi, I was using Zwift on my Android tablet and I’ve changed today for Zwift on Apple TV 4K because performance are supposed to be better. At my big surprised, my rider was going much slower for the same road and effort I was on my Android version. Like 10/15 km/h slower. Some having the same issue ? I’m using the Saris H3.

On what sort of terrain were you having this issue? If it was a hill I am wondering if you might not have the trainer difficulty slider in the same place (especially since you just set up the ATV). Does everything other than speed seem to be working OK?

Hi Nigel, my rider was slower on hill and flat. I’ve checked the trainer difficulty slider but it’s still in the middle default position.

Effort is being measured how? How it feels or via your power meter?

If you’re saying that for the same 100W input source, you’re10-15km slower on the Apple TV than the Android tablet, then something is definitely wrong.

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Hi @Jonathan_Guyon_MTL

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It looks like you’ve also written in to Zwift support for help on this matter, so we’ll get you a response as soon as possible. Thanks!