Apple TV app wrong cadence, slow speeds

Just tried using the Apple TV app instead of my PC and it seems to be lacking the ability to interpret rpm/cadence from my meter. Wahoo Bluetooth cadence and speed sensors paired fine.

Basically the Zwift app generates an estimated cadence based off speed it seems. I can spin at 150 rpm, or 50 rpm, and the app will just hover around 60-70 rpm, all of this with similar wheel speed just different gearing. This also seems to result in lower power output and lower on screen speeds. Another example is when peddling hard the Apple TV app has me going 15mph on flat ground, while the PC and in real life I’d be going closer to 25mph.

I’ve found about 40 complaints of this on forums over the last few years with people saying it’s not been resolved. Any plans on fixing this? Going back to the PC where it actually works.

Cyclops Fluid trainer, new Wahoo Bluetooth/ant speed cadence sensors, Apple TV 4K fully updated, Zwift app fully updated.

Update; finally got the cadence to work by pairing each sensor one at a time, after the app had paired both and said both were working. Devs please fix this glitch.

Can confirm ■■■, height, weight settings have zero effect on power and speed still. It is fairly useless to ride due to this, and I’ll be switching back to my PC. Unfortunately wasted money on an extra set of Wahoo sensors for the Apple TV app, but I can at least use them out on the road eventually.