Apple TV and incorrect cadence

New Apple TV 4K. For some reason the Cadence will not display correctly. On my Windows PC with an ANT+ dogle I have no issues. Power displays fine but cadence is 1 or 64-70 RPM.

Any help on this? Will incorrect cadence adversely affect races? It is already annoying on workouts (Spin Faster!).

Thank you.


Equipment being used:
Apple TV 4K (Updated)
Wahoo Tickr (paired fine)
TackX Flux S trainer (utility app says there isn’t a new version available)

Apple TV connects via Bluetooth, so the ANT+ cadence sensor won’t work. And I don’t think the Flux broadcasts cadence, so you may need a BT cadence sensor if you want to see your correct cadence on the screen.

Also, your cadence will not have any impact (negative or positive) on your in-game riding. The only adverse effect I can think of are the cadence-related messages in workouts.

Ok, thank you. Power seemed to be dominant factor in moving my avatar. I’ll look into a new cadence sensor if needed in the future.



Cadence is estimated by Zwift if you do not have a cadence sensor. In my experience, the estimate is typically okay. But there have been times when it is off in another timezone. The lack of cadence or the incorrect cadence will not affect your speed in Zwift. Aside from the actual displayed value, it is also reflected in the cadence of your avatar. That could become annoying if actual cadence and Zwift cadence are off by a lot.

As @Nigel_Tufnel said, you will need a Bluetooth cadence sensor.

I’m getting speed, power, and cadence from the TacX app. It says it’s connected but I don’t know if it is by Bluetooth or Ant+ ?

I have an Android and it has Ant+ built in. Anyway, this looks like the cadence is correct.


Top left there’s a ant+ logo so I’d assume ant+.

Flux does both ANT+ and Bluetooth.

Since you are connecting to an Apple TV, you should test via Bluetooth. Try disabling the ANT+ on your phone. Then, connect your trainer to the Tacx app via Bluetooth. If the values all look okay, then it is not your trainer.

On the pairing screen in the Zwift app (Apple TV), you can pedal and check your cadence and power. Do the values look good there? You could compare them to say the cadence value on your Garmin/Wahoo if need be.

Yes that seemed to work! Thank you.

So far so good!