Tacx flux S + Apple TV

I’ve recently bought a Tacx Flux S and, after using a Huawei tab, I also bought an Apple TV (2021 32gb).
Super fast connection of Tacx+HR sensor+cadence sensor via Companion App.
But I have a very annoying issue: both with ERG mode ON (trainings) or OFF (uphills) the Tacx cannot keep a resistance. The resistance, and so the power, goes up and down (big difference, from 250/300watt to 80/100watt and back). I’ve tried to connect only via iPhone and there is no such problem…how can Apple TV be the cause to this problem?

It’s likely that connecting via the Companion app is the problem. You should be able to connect your trainer and HRM direct to the Apple TV. Just forget the cadence sensor (presumably you have a separate sensor?) and use the built-in cadence from your trainer.

Yes I do have a separate cadence sensor. I also guess the problem is Companion App, but why? How?
I read many people using this way of connecting with Apple TV, why do I have this problem?

So, if I do not connect a cadence sensor, will I be able to read the cadence inside Zwift, eg. trainings? I don’t think…

It just doesn’t seem very reliable for connecting trainers. Some people find it works ok, others don’t.

Yes because your trainer estimates cadence from variations in your pedalling. It’s normally a reasonable approximation but is often inaccurate at low cadence (e.g. climbing that is grinding).

Ok I’ll give it a try. Thank you Steve

Hi i had same problem,

1 - ensure you are only connecting bluetooth to the trainer and nothing else

2- Make sure the TACX app is disabled or not being used when using ZWIFT to avoid conflict

3- if still have issues do not use companion app

hope thats helps, it sorted my issues

Yes, already turned off all apps in my phone, also my Garmin Forerunner (which wasn’t in activity mode) to avoid conflicts…nothing changes.
Anyway, I’ll try without companion and see if cadence is recorded. If not I’ll have to send back Apple TV and use again that Huawei tab…

Thank you Paul