Zwift:Cadence Sensor drops and HRM giving unrealistic readings

Hi. I am using a Tacx heart rate monitor and a Lyzene Cadence sensor. I connect using the Companion app and Apple TV.

The challenge I have is that all sensors initially worked with correct readings then halfway through the race my heart rate maximises to 240 bpm and the cadence sensor sometimes stops any reading.

Does anyone have any ideas of what could be wrong it’s incredibly annoying

Are you pairing the sensors directly to the Apple TV or through the Companion app?

Looks like you posted the same message twice. In the other one, you state you pair through the Companion app.

  1. Is your phone on the same WiFi network as your AppleTV?
  2. Recommend you put your phone into Airplane mode to prevent it from using cellular data. If it switches from WiFi to cellular data, you can run into issues.