Tacx Neo 2 Issues/Apple TV Cadence

I have a Neo 2 trainer and have migrated over to Apple TV. I have the issue with cadence reading far too high from the Neo but yesterday I had an issue where the power output was wrong in that no matter what gear, the resistance got harder and harder until I came to a complete standstill. I closed the game down then started again and everything was fine. Is this a software/trainer issue or known Apple TV issue. Going back to the cadence I want to use my Wahoo Cadence sensor through the companion app as I have no spare bluetooth as Neo and HR connected but unable to do it. I am using an Android phone but when I go to pairing on the game it only shows the cadence from the Tacx and wont find the Wahoo when I search!! What am I doing wrong or how do I delete the Neo cadence so I can find the Wahoo sensor.

You couldn’t have started your problems any more accurately regarding the resistance, etc. Is there an issue with AppleTV itself with the App? Does it work better with an iPad or iPhone and streaming it to a TV? I’ve also experienced a fluctuation issue with the Wattage. While in ERG Mode the wattage fluctuating 60+ watts. I just rebooted my AppleTV and hoping the reboot helps it or I’ll resort to the iPad or iPhone.

Streaming from my iPad to the TV solved literally all the issues I was having. Is there a known lag & resistance issue with the Apple TV Zwift App? I was having literally the same issues with my Kickr Snap and figured it was the trainer that was the issue. I now think I was wrong and it is really the Apple TV App.