Also Problems with recent update on Mac Book Pro

(Chris Stearns ZBR) #1

Tried riding last night for the first time using my mac book pro… I started out ok but a few minutes into the ride it would freeze up the body of my rider would disappear along with other riders. It was impossible to ride. I down loaded the app to a windows laptop and it runs perfect, Did a quick ride on the windows laptop last night with no issues and then this morning ran great on the windows laptop. I have a MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011), Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB. Is it possible my mac book video card just cant handle Zwift.



(Lorne Paskin) #2

same.  hoping for a solution…really frustrating!!

(Darrin Guitreau) #3

I am also having the same problem.

(trisha emish) #4

I’ve run Zwift on my MacBook Air with no problems for months but, following the update on Friday (and another update when I tried to log on this morning), I’m experiencing the same issue.  My avatar disappears, sometimes I see bikes with no riders, etc.  It has to be the update.  

(Lorne Paskin) #5

has anyone opened a support ticket

(Chris Stearns ZBR) #6

I did… 

(Lorne Paskin) #7

great!  let us know what they say.  should the rest of us open one too??

(Chris Stearns ZBR) #8

you know it probably would not hurt. i’m sure they can view our data at the time we were all on and it might help them determine what is going on.

(Lorne Paskin) #9

thanks.  will do

(Chris Stearns ZBR) #10

Just curious for anyone that might read this are you seeing this issue with the apple TV? 

(trisha emish) #11

I don’t use Apply TV but I was surfing a lot of comments today looking for answers and it seems there are some problem there too. This update has them a little upside down, I think! Hopefully they’ll get it straightened out soon.

(Chris Stearns ZBR) #12

yes i do hope so and I’m sure they will… Apple tv was going to be my next purchase so i can stream to my TV versus my lap top…

(Edwin Thaves) #13

I have AppleTV 4K and Zwift worked great until the recent update. So I suggest holding off on buying an Apple TV until the issue is resolved.

(Chris Stearns ZBR) #14

Thanks Edwin!!! 

(Gary Powell) #15

I too am having the same issue. My MacBook pro is old but has run the software without issue until the update. Like you guys i hope they get it sorted fast, my only other option is my i phone. 

(Stuart Burford) #16

Same issue, my avater freezes for a few seconds then comes bach for a while then freezes again, all started with new update, running a 2011 macbok pro with 8gb ram, fast internet connection, all other programmes working fine.

(Chris Stearns ZBR) #17

Sounds like it might be time to roll the update back until they can figure this one out…

(Gary Powell) #18

I opened a ticket, they seem to think it’s the spec of my laptop graphics. To be honest I haven’t checked the spec against the new requirements.

(James Lockard) #19

I’m in the same state: 13-inch MBP (2011) that was working ok in the days before the update dropped. I filed a support ticket. They responded quickly, but the basic answer seems to be, “We can’t help you because your machine is below our minimum system requirements,” which would have been OK if it was a problem last week. But the problems began after the update…so, given that, it’s a poor answer from Zwift. 

I was on the fence about trying trainer road and sufferfest. I guess this motivates me to give them a try. They’re both less expensive options for indoor training apps. 

(Major Roadrash) #20

I haven’t received a reply from Zwift yet but if they are telling 2011 MacBook Pro users (i.e. me) that they are out of luck, that’s not good news. Guess it’s time to look at another training app.