Zwift freezing whilst riding (MacBook Pro)



Today during my ride, Zwift  kept freezing and the the programme went into a not responding state. 


I am running Mac version 10.13.2.


There is an Mac update available but I am reluctant to update as fellow riders have said it does not work with ANT+.




MacBookPro, OsX.13.2. I’ve checked memory status while it was freezing ( Frame per second… maybe 1 fps…) and memory was still available. 

The issue occurred after the software update I did on Feb. 1st '18

I have the same problem. @Zwift: I am looking forward to a solution.

Same problem here with my MacBook Pro running OS 10.13.3 after most recent Zwift update. Waiting to hear back from Zwift.

Same Problem here as well, Mac Mini OS 10.13.3 since resent updates. Some riders disappear off their bikes or zigzagging, bikes rubber side up! 

I am having the same issue with MacAir 10.13.2.  The freeze frames and disjointed riders began showing up after this last Zwift update. 

Same issue here. Game kept on playing after update, but was 15mins slower after an hour of riding compared to real time and it wouldn’t let me exit game at end. Just froze on the final screen. Massively glitchy graphics. Have tried re-installing game multiple times and still same issue since update on Thursday.  Support ticket submitted.

My current solution to Zwifting is using my wife’s iPad and uploading to larger screen through my old Apple TV.

Same issue with a MacBook Air 10.13.3

I sent in a ticket and their response was my graphics card is not compatible with the new graphics update. Not a good enough answer! Need an external Graphics card for my mac mini…I’d rather spend that on a Bike :wink:

Same issue here. I am on Mac book pro and haven t had any issues before. It seems to move every 1 sec on so for a while, then all of a sudden start working fine for a period and then go back to freezing with the rider moving every 1 sec. looking forward to an update​:grinning::clap:

I am having the same issue on a MacBook Pro version 10:13:3. Freezing and real time riding longer than Zwift ride. Sometimes my avatar completely disappears. I have tried using ROUVY which I am really enjoying because of its huge variety of courses…and no freezing up.


I am having the same freezing issue last 2 weeks with mac book air and wahoo kickr. On ipad there is no problem. But unable to ride on macbook bcs of the continues freezing issue. Can somebody reply to our problem. Thanks.

I just received an email that there’s an update now so older MacBooks should work again. I’ll be trying later today to see if this update fixed the issue.

The latest update that I received, 2 days ago was supposed to fix this issue but was not working still. There seems to be a misunderstanding as to what us cyclists want and what the video gaming developers want to do. Wasn’t the graphics working great already for everyone before the update Jan 31!
Now all the older MacBook, Mini, don’t have a good enough graphics card.

I began having this problem and saw Zwift indicated older Mac Book Pro’s with built in graphics cards were not supported.  Everything was working fine before the “update”.  I have not used Zwift since the problem began a month or so ago and I am ready to unsubscribe and use something else.  I checked today and there was a big download, but when I tried to just “watch” the riders disappeared sometimes, other times it was jumpy or just not working.  I only have so much patience and there is no point paying for something that does not work. I am not going to buy a new computer or a new Apple tv just because Zwift made a change that does not allow me to use the program with a MacBook that otherwise meets all my needs …

I have the same issue with 2 mac computer.

Both mac mini and macbook air arent able to run zwift at all now

I get lower than 1 FPS and the draw calls dont get completed, I mean I see my hair, my bike but not my body.


on the other hand… my very old surface pro still runs it flawlessly even if it only has 2gn of ram and the intel HD3000.

Something is wrong for the code with OSX.

Something is wrong for the code with OSX
I suggested this to Zwift on a submitted ticket earlier and they continue to suggest it’s because of an old system.
I hope they fix this soon!
Been told by professional animation programmer that it’s a program error for OSX platform.
AppleTV app works so far…

Hey guys !

 I tried a manual fix and it seems to have worked for me


I suggest to try it !


With Zwift not running, open the prefs.xml in a text editor like Notepad. The beginning of the file will look something like this:


Simply add the line in bold below and save your changes. Start up Zwift, and auto-brightness will no longer be enabled.


The fix from Philippe Samson,  seems to have worked so far for me after a short test. I will have to test it out tomorrow with a longer ride.

Thanks Philippe!!