Zwift Freezing on Mac Mini since 9th May 2024

Zwift start freezing some time around the update before the most recent one. The WTRL TTT on the 2nd of May was fine, during the WTRL TTT on the 9th of May (which was the next time I used the same set-up) the game would freeze every 3-8 minutes.

There is no ‘connection disconnected’ message. The time on screen and all movement simply stops. After 5 to 10 seconds the game starts again, however, I have then dropped several seconds behind the rest of my team. By the end of the ride it became clear that my race elapsed time was over 30 seconds different to the rest of my team. I am able to continue discourse on Discord during the outage - Discord is running on the same Mac Mini so the issue is not the whole computer or network connection freezing.

When doing workouts I run Zwift on my Samsung Galaxy S21 and youtube/netflix on the Mac Mini - but for races I prefer Zwift on the Mac Mini and music from my phone. Since the 9th of May I have had 5 rides on the Mac Mini Zwift and 8 rides on Zwift on the Galaxy S21 - the rides on the Mac Mini have consistently frozen every 3-8 minutes while the S21 rides have been fine.

On today’s attempt I kept the Activity monitor open next to Zwift (Zwift in windowed mode instead of full screen) and found that during the ‘freeze’ Zwift’s processor usage would drop to 10% and the overall processor usage would remain around 50-70% Idle.

The Mac Mini is a 2018 Mac Minie 3.6Ghz Quad Core Intl Core i3 ,8 GB of ram with Intel UHD Graphics 630 - it is running Sonoma 14.3.1

Zwift is Version 1.65.0 (Build 129105)

My devices are connected by ANT+

Based on the Zwift fit files on the Mac Mini I have been using it since June 2023 and have done 250 rides before having any issues.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Hi @Alex_Masidlover_Dirt, I’m Gian from Zwift. Thank you for posting!

I’m sorry to know that your app is freezing. I appreciate you sharing a detailed description of the issue as well as the specifications of your Mac Mini.

I’d first try to make a clean install of Zwift on your Mac Mini using the steps from our support article. Please ensure to follow the steps one by one and delete the specified Zwift files as stated in the article. Also, as mentioned in the article, you’ll want to back up any custom workouts you may have.

Additionally, it looks like you can update your Mac Mini to macOs Sonoma 14.5 (since you mentioned it currently runs version 14.3.1). It’s always a good idea to keep your device up to date to try and ensure everything else runs as smoothly as possible. You can use Apple’s support article as a reference on how to update your Mac Mini.

If the issue persists, I recommend that you contact us, as this kind of troubleshooting can vary a lot depending on the setup, and it’s better to provide you with one-on-one guidance.