Problems after 1/31 IOS upgrade

 After the 1/31 upgrade Zwift has been basically unusable on my MacBook High Sierra 10.13.3.  On the 31st, I was able to start the workout, it froze, hopped around, there were random parts of bikes tiling in and out of the picture.  To the point that the ride timer was 12 minutes shorter than the workout.

When the ride completed, I wasn’t able to get the menu button to come up to save and upload the ride.  I wound up powering off the laptop and manually uploading the ride.

Today, I could notice as soon as it launched it was lagging.  I wasn’t even able to get it to log in.  I wound up aborting and completing the ride on the iPhone app.

Tonight I tried to re-download the Mac version and see if that improved anything and so far I’ve seen no difference.

This might pertain to your issues:

Thanks, that seems to be it.  Do you know if this is something that recently changed?  I’ve been using the same MacBook since the Mac beta and I haven’t had any serious issues until last Friday’s update?

Hey David!

I checked your info on our database, and you’re indeed using an HD3000 GPU. That has never technically met our minimum spec, but we do our best to support it. We are working on putting out some fixes for to help out the HD3000, but as Jason mentioned in his post, it’s also possible you won’t be able to use Zwift on your computer as we increase the graphics quality of Zwift. 

I’m relatively new to Zwift and was really beginning to enjoy it; however, I’m not buying a new computer.  I hope Zwift solves this soon – a patch allowing older Macs to run smoothly.  Otherwise, I’ll cancel my subscription and move to another platform.

The exact same thing happened to me. I am a college student and cannot afford a new computer. I hope they fix it soon because I can’t continue this way. I lag the whole time and I lose 10 minutes over the course of an hour. I don’t need better graphics I just want a smooth image and for my avatar to follow the road. 

I agree- the graphics were fine and I never had an issue once until 2 weeks ago and the last upgrade.  Not buying a new computer- hope a patch can be created because this won’t work obviously …

Same problem with me. Please include a fix with a low(same as before) graphics for us with old computer. I cant go now and buy a computer, and it worked just fine before the upgrad. Please.

I agree as well.

Never had an issue before with my MBP which has an Intel processor that appears to be below min specs now. I have been on Zwift since the Beta without issue and since the upgrade, there has been nothing but horrible slowness and stuttering.

I hope Zwift puts a patch in very soon, for buying/using another computer/device in order to utilize one application isn’t in the wheel house for most people. 

At this point, if it isn’t addressed, I foresee some lost accounts as a result.


Same with me. It’s regrettable and arrogant to make an update with significant changes of requirement without any prior notification to the subscribers. Luckily my kids have iPads that meets the requirement, but I cannot understand why Zwift did not inform about the changes. A simple note could have saved me - and i guess many with me - 17 days of frustration, anger and corrupted training sessions. That’s not what I’m paying for. If this continues it’s time to look for another program for the indoor sessions.

I have the same issue. Isn’t there a way to set the level of detail or frame rate etc. so that we can still use the app?