MacBook Air

(Dave Turton) #1

 I am unable to complete the download onto my MacBook is this common? what can I do?

(Mr. Alpaca The Avatar) #2

Which gen is it. Mine is early 2015 and is fine

(Christopher Aho #WBR) #3

I have a second gen MacBook Air and have not had trouble either the download of the app but have had trouble since the Feb 1. update. I can’t tell if it’s my computer or, by chance, the internet connection. It is slow to reload while riding and doesn’t keep up with the time. I ride for 50 mins but it only records about 30. Occasionally, intermittently, it runs like normal. It starts like normal. But once I’m riding it’s not loading the ride fast enough.
Also, when I am doneI have to force quit to get the app to close. The Strava connection still works but the app will not close.
I plan to try my wife’s new MacBook Pro tomorrow to rule out the internet connection. But I’m disappointed and frustrated with this development.

(xavier sipperly) #4

Christopher. I am having the exact same issue ever since the most recent update. I am currently trying to free up resources on my MacBook Air (also running OS X 10.11.4). Please let me know if you’ve found a solution (other than buying a new Mac), and I will do the same… 



(Christopher Aho #WBR) #5

Xavier. I was beyond 10.11.4 but just updated again to 10.11.4

I will need to try again later this week, but I hope Zwift sees this conversation and can help us out. 

(Christopher Aho #WBR) #6

Xavier, I have used Zwift this week with an iPad and have had no trouble. 

Though this is just a hunch, I wonder if there is something in High Sierra that is slowing down or overloading the graphics processing? I am having unusual lag issues in some places, even in Chrome. 
This is not very helpful except to confirm that it is not an internet connection issue for me.  

(Utku Inan) #7

i have the same issue.


at my last 4 workout i have serious lagging problem which interferes training a lot. i think that it is related with last updates but still having same issue ruining by motivation. 
my system: 
MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2011) 
1,7 GHz Intel Core i5 
4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 
Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB 
OS X El Capitan 
10.11.6 (15G1611)

(David Griffin) #8

Anyone managing to get Zwift working well on their Air ? I have just signed up and am very dissatisfied with how it performs on my 2011 macbook air. Would love to know if anyone has any tips for tweaking the performance

(Utku Inan) #9

they ruined my february because of their last stupid update. i can not work with my computer now and already pay for zwift. before the update it was working good… zwift should not be a video game with high hardware requirements. or there should be an option for low hardwares. i am using zwift almost since beginning but now i have to finish it unless buying new computer.

(Christopher Aho #WBR) #10

I just did a search for the Zwift System Requirements. 

This thread came up and was updated on Sunday: 

The graphics requirements in the thread show: Graphics: 1GB dedicated GPU, or embedded Intel HD 4000/AMD R5  

My 2011 MacBook air lists this as my graphics info: Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB 

I do not know what all these numbers mean but I contribute here with these questions:
_ Did _ Zwift _ up the graphics requirements in the latest update? _
_ Are our MacBook Airs no longer up to snuff?  _

It would appear that is a possibility. 

My gripe with Zwift is that some, like Utku have been using Zwift for years and now they change these requirements on you but do not tell you in advance. That is bad business. I know they cannot support all machines for all of time. I also know that using a seven-year-old machine is the exception, not the norm (especially in virtual cycling circles where the trainers cost more than the computers sometimes). But surely they know what kind of machine we are accessing the servers with so they would know who they were about to leave behind with an update. THEN, we could have gotten a warning. 

Personally, I have another option so I have not been using my air, but some clarity from Zwift is not an unreasonable request. This should be a straightforward issue to address. 





(Paul Allen) #11


Yes, there was an update that made the older Macs basically unusible for Zwift, but the recent update seem to address and resolve the issue:

BTW, those minimum requirements have been in place since Zwift started, so basically your Mac was below minimum specs the entire time.


(Christopher Aho #WBR) #12


Thanks so much for the update and the clarity about the system requirements. I can only speak for myself but I enjoy the product, I am impressed with the product, and got accustomed to it “just working”. 
This is very helpful and I am sure the rest on this thread will appreciate it as well. 

Thanks, ca 

(David Griffin) #13

I think that seems to have sorted it. I’ve not competed a ride with the new update, but it at least opens up and I can access the menu and exit properly now. I was struggling to even do that previously, I was on the verge of Ditching it!