More FLAT routes, please

Agree with this having longer flat routes would be so nice, the desert is making me a bit stir crazy 20-25 miles would be ideal.

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Im not Paul Allen and i can only speak for myself. First my reason for having such a 200km flat dessert road. I dont want to get stressed by clicking any buttons while riding. I want to ride and just ride. Riding in Zwift for me is a very psychological no-stress situation where i can close my eyes and just riding. Even for minutes i dont wanna open my eyes, just pedaling and hearing antistress music. If i open my eyes i would be happy to see nice landscapes without big hills. just the feeling of freedom and wideness. And i think its very easy to implement a single road with dessert all around the riders. For me i would pay easily pay 5$ extra per month to fullfill this feeling. And i dont know if iam the only one, who “feels” the hills even me Elite Turno cant change the resistance. And i really dont understand why so many people are think to argue against this wish. zwift ist full of hills, and there is no single Route challenge were you have to make a 4-5 hours ride. And thats the last but not less imporant point, for me is: its very frustrating on hilly routes, to make 180-200Watts and be the last or in the 5% of the last riders, while on flat routes im in the middle of the field. So its very demotivating if iam in challenge mode and not in the “relax mode”. Lying on my weight is not an option for me. Zwift is defintly a software for climbers. And i wish there were more options like in the reality were you can avoid hills. That are my reasons. Other may have other reasons, like Paul. Best wishes :pray:


Samu try Tempus Fugit (Watopia). On distance 200km you will have only 160m elevation gain without stress from clicking any buttons as you want. just ride it as long you want. Its flatest route in Zwift and I using it whole time from time was added.

yeah its the closest thing, i know. but 1. if i speak about my feelings its a big difference to riding between 2 points over and over and ride on a single road and feel the progress while driving into the horizon. and 2. there is no challenge factor in riding between 2 points. If we had a 200km road. its a nice great thing which can achieved step by step like the alpe d zwift and other hills. I think if someone cant understand after all these postings from many users, then maybe you should let it go and accept this wish and we will see if zwift will make it. Best wishes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Man dude(s) the solution is just right infront your eyes just vote here:

And/or make some suggestions here:

Considering just leaving Zwift because of the lack of flat routes. It looks like this has been a request for years and Zwift just ignores older riders, new riders and flatlanders, Sad

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Maybe I just don’t get it, but it seems to me that Zwift has plenty of flat roads, and just introduced Tempus Fugit last year as an even flatter section that was available prior. Perhaps it’s not a super long section (I saw one request for a 200 km stretch, which seems like would be a bit - or a lot - too much. What is the appeal for more flat roads? Is it that some people don’t want to put out the effort required to climb the hills? If so, how about trying erg mode instead of sim mode? And if it’s about covering a lot of distance while also not having to put out a lot of watts, I guess I’d be interested to hear from folks why that is more important than just the time exercising? And if a longer flat route were to be introduced, what length would satisfy (most) people? 25k? 40k? 100k? 200k??? Other?

When the Desert Flats expansion was added, one of the things I noted on the Watopia map is that there was A LOT more ‘land’ added to the map than is used by the Tempus Fugit route. I am wondering, therefore, if there might actually already be a plan to use this area for a longer flat route. Perhaps we will find out when the new UI is introduced? Keep your fingers crossed!


With regard to the distance for watts comment, I guess what I was getting at is that a rider COULD ride at, say 150 watts constantly, but that if your goal is to put in 30 miles for a day you would do that much more quickly on the flats at 150 watts and climbing the Alpe at 150 watts. In the end, I guess what I’m getting at is that if you shift gears (or adjust the difficulty slider downward) all of Zwift can feel like you’re riding on the flats. You just won’t get as many miles for the effort if the virtual terrain includes mountains.

As someone’s whose favourite route is split between Mountain route and Sand and Sequioas, a flat route longer then Tempus Fugit would be amazing, considering it’s really only 8.5 km (5.32 miles) one way. I’m all for it.

There seems to be a culture here of of people dismissing perfectly valid feature requests and telling you why you shouldn’t want the thing that you want. I’m not sure what the point of a Feature Request forum is if it’s going to be filled with all these little Feature policemen… Why not just shut the Feature Request forum down? If Zwift hasn’t given it to you then you don’t need it, so shut up.

I’d kind of like a long, looooong flatish route too. In general Watopia needs more km of road. In real life it is 160km from my city to a famous natural landmark (quite flat for most of it), and that’s my big “summer ride”. It feels like an accomplishment. Making 10 u turns on the Watopia Flat route doesn’t feel the same.


Tempus Fugit is my least favorite stretch of road on Zwift. I think it’s probably 3 miles too long. :slight_smile:

I think for some people, it’s not necessarily saying that someone else’s ides is stupid. It’s about downvoting an idea, because we’d rather Zwift dev focus on other things.

I ride Tempus Fugit and the other desert routes most of the time, because I like flat routes too. I don’t have hills where I live (Chicago), so I tend to stick with the flats. But as much as I enjoy flat routes, I would rather Zwift spend time on a whole host of things before making even more flats. 2 Guest Maps (which now they’ve done), new maps (Tokyo likely to be postponed now), new routes in existing maps, clubs (even though I’m not a club guy), access to the garage outside of the game, access to route badges outside the game, ability to change maps without exiting the game (not an issue for me on an iPad, but seems odd for PC users), and other updates. To me, those are way more important than an endless flat route.

So I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, I’m making my opinion known that I’d rather the team close out the rest of their Kanban board before doing this.

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It’s a discussion forum, so people are free - and encouraged - to discuss feature requests that are presented. Not everyone wants to same thing, and part of Zwift’s role is to prioritise and make a judgement as to what’s worth development effort. For Zwift to have a broader view of a feature’s likely popularity it’s reasonable that both sides are presented.


Pause your Zwift and try ROUVY or FULGAZ for longer flat routes.