More FLAT routes, please

Why there are multiple options to cycle for hours without repeat stages over and over, but if you want to just flat riding there ist no opportunity? I hope sometimes a “road to nowhere” will created. Just 200km flat road through a dessert or something else.

does not sound like fun.

You can try some manual turns to make it exciting, You could skip the two numbered sections of road if you want it even flatter. You can also include the volcano flat to give more distance and variety.


It’s only available for events, not in Free Rides.

You can ride it anytime if you take 4 turns manually.
Seems doable.

Turn “trainer difficulty” off and you won’t feel the hills. Then you can ride any route you want to.

Daren, you are missing the point. It’s not about the “feel”.

Maybe so, but making manual turns is also just a work around not the solution.

Explain what the point is then. Surely someone could turn TD off, select “Surprise Me” and just ride for hours on end.

If “Surprise me” is too predictable, or doesn’t prefer roads you haven’t already ridden in that session, that would seem to be something to fix before adding a long road with no turns.

One of the things I’ve been wondering about, which may eventually address this issue, is that when Zwift added the desert expansion they didn’t just add enough ‘land’ to host the Tempus Fugit course. There is quite a bit of (virtual) land now that has no roads whatsoever, but looks (i.e. is colored on the map) the same way as most of the desert. To me this is an indicator that at some point in the probably not too distant future there is likely to be a lot more mileage of flat roads added. Personally, I can’t say that I understand the need, as a flat road is a flat road and going back and forth on the Tempus route meets this need. There are clearly others who do not feel the same, though, so perhaps there is a need for monotony of terrain without the monotony of scenery.

I know the answer to this one…

Because if you ride up a hill even if they don’t feel it, the speed is lower and therefore the distance ridden per week not as impressive as when it is a perfectly flat road on a TT bike. LOL

I don’t understand why people who don’t really care about this Feature Request have to give their “solutions/work around” when it they see no issue. Sorry, I am a little irritated.

It is much more engaging when using flat routes when you are doing long Z1/Z2 rides then it is going EXTREMELY slow (almost not moving) up climbs.

I ride primarily flat routes and some of them that are labeled flat are really not that flat at all.

If you don’t want or need More Flat Routes why does this request matter to you.

This request can help expand the Zwift user base by giving new users, over weight users and young users a more varied route selection.

Not everyone wants to climb.


That’s not it @Gerrie_Delport it’s about being engaging.

I am just being very sarcastic.

Read my post above, I apologized for being a little irritated about some of the “solutions/workarounds” for this request.

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A 200km flat desert route sound a bit boring to me but there was a feature request for a route planner, that way you can plan the perfect route.

Yes we all have different opinions on how flat flat should be.

I think a 200km route is out of the questions also.

Add Watopia Waste band to the Free Ride Route list.

My suggestion has always been a 28 mile flat route, which should not be too difficult to add since there is plenty of room in the desert.

Sorry, it was more of a general comment about this thread and not specifically directed at you.

This request can add so much to Zwift IMO.

I think this should be a “no brainer”, and I really don’t see why they wouldn’t make it a standard route. I guess there may be some internal reason for it, but since it’s available for events I assume it’s not a technical limitation.


so I wanted to do a long ride and decided to test a flat route. this is what happen if you can’t sleep. :thinking:

now if we had a route planner it could be done before you start riding.

I don’t mind using the direction arrows and do things on the fly, I have a watopia Map that I can “plan” where I want to go. .

100km with 409m elevetion.

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Yeah, I vote for the route planner whenever it comes up. It’d be great to have, especially if we can select where to start (even from a list of allowed starting locations), and share them with others.