More FLAT routes, please

Watopia Waistband needs to be a free ride route, Makuri needs a 25km route with around 125m of climbing spread reasonably evenly, New York needs a Broadway Route (1% for 25km out, -1% back :slight_smile: )
Think a 50km route is the max practical road length, happy to be proved wrong with a 100km road loop!

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A 50 km route would be enough for me too. I’ve done Watopias waistband for 161 km and would have been happy to cut the amount of laps in half.
Unfortunately it seems that all new routes are short to extremely short in length.

I usually just start a 60 or 90 minute rider’s choice workout and let ERG-mode take care of the rest.

Yeah, Watopia Waistband should be a free ride route + they could also make a pretzel version of it, so that you would ride all its roads in both directions.