Erg mode not working in workout mode

Same Problem here. Kickr core with 1.1.3 and zc on apple tv. ERG mode does not work properly. Wrong target wattage or no wattage at all.

Extremly frustating and the lack of support is even more annoying.

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This happened to me today for the first time.
Wahoo kickr core and MacBook Air
I was surprised that this one wasn’t resolved for such a long time and it doesn’t seem a reliable workaround exists

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I’ve tried all of the fixes in this message chain. My kickr firmware is up to date. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Zwift apps on my phone and TV. I was able to do one workout last week ERG mode. Every other time I have tried, including wasting 30 minutes this morning, I am unable to get ERG mode to work. The lack of attention to this issue by ZWIFT doesn’t make sense. I’m considering dropping my Zwift subscritption.

I am dropping mine. I’ve had enough. For 17.99 a month you should minimally get a response on a support issue within 48hrs. Here you get precisely ■■■■. Not worth it. Switching to trainer road.

Hi @Marko_Buric

What issue are you trying to solve. What trainer and computer do you use. How do you connect to the trainer.

Did you try rolling back the firmware to an earlier version? I assume you are using an Apple TV or iPhone, this seems to be an issue with Mac devices. Rolling back the firmware on the Kickr has solved the issue for others.

ERG mode doesn’t work in workout mode. I use a kickr 2020 (updated firmware), Iphone app and Apple TV. I have deleted and reinstalled the iphone companion and apple tv apps. ERG mode will sometimes work when I do an inidividual workout for this setup, but not always. For the last two months I have not been able to get it to work when doing a group workout. It does seem to work if I use my Ipad instead of the iphone/apple TV setup.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am using the apple TV/Ipone setup. No, I have not tried that. I’ll try it now. I assume that rolling back the firmware is straightforward.

the one that is in this forum that i posted about where ERG mode either does not work (either does not start, or shuts off and won’t restart, or erratically jumps the wattage all over so it doesn’t hold the power). Suito. Ipad mini latest ios.

Try rolling back the firmware on your kickr, see this thread:

How to downgrade the firmware:

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It is a hidden process… load up the wahoo app, connect to the trainer, then “click/touch” the trainer icon 10 or 15 times to get the hidden menu to pop up. You can roll back firmware or do a factory spindown.

If I recall correctly, going back two versions should solve it.

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Wow. I never would have come up with that. I’m able to get to the hidden menu. It appears the app has been updated. The first time I tried this I only gotthe option to Spindown, Forget Sensor or Help. However, I closed the app and tried it again and this time it opened it gave me the firmware option. I’m reverting to 3.4.71.

you can also use the Wahoo Utility app, looks like this:


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Getting the same issue where erg signal not being sent to trainer and kickr snap stuck at same resistance during free ride and rest periods. Disaster.

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Hi @Mark_Dobbin_Ards_CC

I moved your post here, scroll up and see if that help.

Mike, thanks so much for your help. Everything is working again!

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Hi! I’m using an Elite Direto XR on a PC via ANT+.
Sometimes the ERG is gone/not showing on the Companion app. Re-pairing solves it so not the biggest deal.
The strangest thing is if I pause on an ascent for refilling water etc, the trainer stops using the incline and it’s like riding a flat route.

I don’t want to try fiddling with the pairing in mid ride afraid of losing the ride. Any suggestions to solve this problem?

Replying to myself, today I lost the incline on Sand and Sequoias. No feel of any gradient at all.
The only quick fix was to jump off, disconnect the trainer, unpair all, reconnect cable and search/pair the trainer again.

This thing annoys me very much as it prevents me from joining any event or group ride.

Windows 10 ant+ taxc flux connected fec .Workout mode first time today impossible to hold watts totally erratic as if pedalling in squares any solutions