ERG mode not working on Technogym Skillbike

I Zwift at my local gym using a Technogym Skillbike. My set up is linking my phone/tablet to the bike via hdmi to mirror the screen and connect sensors via bluetooth.

Since yesterday ERG mode during workouts isn’t working. The only way to match the Watts I should be generating is to change gears up or down myself.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Cynan_Dafydd_Llwyd welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at your server logs and see that yesterday’s ride was the first session since updating your iPhone 11 to game version 1.62.

There may be other things besides the game update to 1.62 contributing to your symptoms, however. I’d like to ask that you contact my Support team colleagues so we can take a deeper dive into your game logs and figure out what might be happening one-on-one. You will have to talk your way past the chatbot. Please reference this forum thread URL when you reach a human agent.

Question for you in advance. I looked at your game logs from that ride. Do you recall seeing a message pop up on your screen saying “ERG mode disabled temporarily” and “Hold steady to re-activate ERG?” What was happening to the resistance and your pedaling RPM’s when you saw those two messages?

Hi @shooj !

Thanks for a zwift reply (ho ho ho). I will contact the support team!

Yes the messages did appear when I stopped peddaling but nothing changed resistance wise to when ERG made was disabled and engaged again

@shooj ERG wasn’t working two days before either. Was that before the game upgrade?

@shooj still not working. Technogym Ride firmware is up to date

I’ve asked my Support colleagues to respond to your email. Please check your inbox.

I hope you’ll drop back into the forum and let everyone know how it worked out for you after your support interaction

Still not working! Have tried all the troubleshooting steps. Couldn’t calibrate via Zwift nor the method Technogym suggests.

Does ERG mode work if you install the Technogym app on your phone or tablet and do a workout in that?

If so, I wonder if using the QZ app ( as a bridge to Zwift would help. The developer @Roberto_Viola is active here and will provide 1-on-1 support for debugging issues with QZ if you provide him with a log file from the app. He can make a lot of strange bikes work better with Zwift.

I would not expect calibration to help with ERG mode not working. That should just make the power readings more accurate.

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Hi! QZ can do the ERG mode even if the bike doesn’t support it. Contact me to roberto.viola83 at or better on github GitHub - cagnulein/qdomyos-zwift: Zwift bridge for smart treadmills and bike/cyclette and I will check your case!

Thanks all. It’s fustrating as it was working fine until last week. I would connect technogym ride bike sensors via bluettoth whilst doing mirror screen through hdmi cable but then over night last tuesday it stopped working. The same time the technogym firmware upgraded.

Will try QZ but I don’t really want to pay another subscription!

No subscription is required to use QZ

The firmware update sounds suspicious since the last Zwift update was 2 weeks ago, but if the issue is solvable in software, Roberto will probably get there faster than Zwift will.

Ok great. I’ll go to the gym in the morning amd see what the situation is!