ERG mode not working since yesterday’s Zwift update on iPad

So I updated the Zwift app on my iPad yesterday and I was doing a ride from a training plan today. But for some reason ERG just seemed to not work anymore.

I know ERG is meant to try and keep your power at the indicated level for the workout, but today there was definitely no ERG.

Anyone got any ideas why?

Thinking maybe a bug in the update?

Oh goodie! I had the same Friday morning.
Did not know whether it was Zwift, my trainer going bonkers or the workout that was weird. Workout from TrainingPeaks, but I did one from TP just the previous evening.
My symptoms was that I simply could not turn over pedals, had to stand on them - and then only it registered something ridiculous like 50watt! I unplugged, restarted, repaired and retried a couple of times… and then just went for an outdoor run.

Yeah I’ve got no idea either, it felt bizzare! Going to have a look today and see if erg is on, even though I’m sure it’s always on in training plans. I’ll email Zwift if there’s no success

I know erg is turned on in training plans but I just went onto the where you choose a single workout and erg was off, never saw it off before so fingers crossed that’s the problem!

Mine went back to normal behaviour. I did an ERG workout as race warmup yesterday, all good. This morning another normal ERG workout. All 3 came from TP, so no idea what weirdness happened on Friday. Happy that it’s okay now.

Yes, I always double-check if ERG is on or off, after running finding out that ERG sometimes can be off when initiating the workout. Otherwise you tend to find it out soon enough when you hit your first bit of incline whilst warming up.

Oh I’m glad it’s working, I’m about to try it again now. Weird I know but I’ll have to get into the habit of checking, thanks!

Sorted it, went on and erg was off. So turned it on and done the training plan, erg still off. So went back in made sure it was on and did just a normal single workout and it was on. So then went to my training plan and it was on!