ERG not working on workouts

After I reloaded Zwift a couple of weeks ago when I select a workout ERG does not work. It’s like I’m stuck in one gear. Sometimes it’s a high gear and sometime a low gear. I use a Wattbike with an iPad, which I bought last year. I’ve reloaded Zwift and the Companion app several times but it’s not solved the problem.
I’ve also noticed that on the free rides the gear indicator on the top left hand box does not show in free ride mode. Maybe the two problems are connected? Any ideas what is wrong?

Hi @robert_douglas

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Did you pair the trainer as Power and controllable. Do you use FE-c ANT+

No I don’t use ANT+

And I use power.

Did you pair as controllable as well?

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve connected using power and connection and the it looks like it’s sorted! The gear indicator is certainly back and I’ve just tried a few mins on the workout and all seems ok. I’ll give that a longer ride tonight!
Thanks so much!