Erg mode not working in workout mode

Same problem. Some details:

  • bug occurs just on Windows, not on iOS
  • bug occurs regardless if trainer is connected via BT or ANT+
  • used trainer: Wahoo Kickr Core (2019)

Folks, I’m having what I htink is the same problem but I’m very unsure. Running Zwift on Apple TV with a Tacx Vortex plus garmin sensors, connecting via the Companion app to the Vortex except for the HRM and cadence sensor which seems not to work if I connect via the Vortex.

Anyway, updated my firmware after failing to enter ERG mode at all for a few weeks. That seemed to fix things, but today tried the Faster Hills workout. First two reps were sort-of ok but the wattage wasnt’ coming up to target - at last 15-20W short. At the thrid rep everything went haywire – suddenly spinning in top gear, then the brake kicks in hard and I’m going from pushing 120W to 4-500 in a matter of seconds. Abandonned the workout and did a “just ride” and everything worked fine - proper sensitivity to gradient changes albeit a bit laggy.

Too many devices in the chain? Some other cause? Any suggestions? Had relatively few problems with the old Mac +ANT dongle set-up, despite issues streaming to the TV, but I’ve found the Apple TV option a constant pain.

Yesterday for the first time in one year of zwifting mit ERG was messing up, too. Workout was ramping up the resistance as usual, but when it should drop from 295W → 135W I noticed that the power did not adjust, after a minute it should have gone up to 250W, but suddenly I had massive resistance and ended up at 400W to keep 70 rpm…
Exited Zwift, restartet the trainer, restarted the workout and every went good. But this has never happened before in nearly 100 workouts.

Windows 11, BT5.0 Dongle and Elite Direto XR trainer (latest firmware, haver hab to update it) + Polar H10 heart-rate monitor.

Maybe Windows 11 rolled out some new drivers for the Realtek BT chipset, but since this happened mit-workout I dont think so.