Erg mode not working in workout mode

Same problem. Some details:

  • bug occurs just on Windows, not on iOS
  • bug occurs regardless if trainer is connected via BT or ANT+
  • used trainer: Wahoo Kickr Core (2019)

Folks, I’m having what I htink is the same problem but I’m very unsure. Running Zwift on Apple TV with a Tacx Vortex plus garmin sensors, connecting via the Companion app to the Vortex except for the HRM and cadence sensor which seems not to work if I connect via the Vortex.

Anyway, updated my firmware after failing to enter ERG mode at all for a few weeks. That seemed to fix things, but today tried the Faster Hills workout. First two reps were sort-of ok but the wattage wasnt’ coming up to target - at last 15-20W short. At the thrid rep everything went haywire – suddenly spinning in top gear, then the brake kicks in hard and I’m going from pushing 120W to 4-500 in a matter of seconds. Abandonned the workout and did a “just ride” and everything worked fine - proper sensitivity to gradient changes albeit a bit laggy.

Too many devices in the chain? Some other cause? Any suggestions? Had relatively few problems with the old Mac +ANT dongle set-up, despite issues streaming to the TV, but I’ve found the Apple TV option a constant pain.

Yesterday for the first time in one year of zwifting mit ERG was messing up, too. Workout was ramping up the resistance as usual, but when it should drop from 295W → 135W I noticed that the power did not adjust, after a minute it should have gone up to 250W, but suddenly I had massive resistance and ended up at 400W to keep 70 rpm…
Exited Zwift, restartet the trainer, restarted the workout and every went good. But this has never happened before in nearly 100 workouts.

Windows 11, BT5.0 Dongle and Elite Direto XR trainer (latest firmware, haver hab to update it) + Polar H10 heart-rate monitor.

Maybe Windows 11 rolled out some new drivers for the Realtek BT chipset, but since this happened mit-workout I dont think so.

Need to bump this thread as this started happening to me this week. Not sure if it was the new Zwift release or a Wattbike Atom update or the latest release of Mac OS X that got released this week (security update) but this has now broken for me. Had the issue a few years ago until Zwift fixed it then.

Half-way through a ‘back to fitness’ training plan so very cheesed off. There does seem to be a workaround on the Wattbike that allow you to change gears (right gears stick) that impact the tension of ERG. Companion app states ERG is on but clearly it’s not effectively working like it should.

Have been on Zwift for a few years and done many training plans to now how it does and should behave!

Ok Wattbike have put out a new version and fixed today :+1:t2:

Alastair, you’ve probably checked this but, in case you haven’t, was your Zwift connected to your trainer or Sue’s? Sharon and I had that problem last year

ERG mode is not working for me when I’m connected with the companion app. My set up is:

  • Wahoo Kickr Core
  • ATV4k running Zwift
  • BT heart rate monitor
  • BT power meter
  • iPhone 13 mini running companion app
    I’m using the companion app on my iPhone for the bluetooth connection, but since ± 6 months the ERG mode in workouts is not working. I tried various solutions:
  • Reinstalled the companion app on the iPhone
  • Tried a different iPhone
  • Upgraded, downgraded and upgraded the firmware on the kickr various times (now running latest firmware)
  • Checked if ERG is on on the Wahoo app
  • Forgot the kickr as a sensor on the Wahoo app to eliminate the possibility that 2 apps are trying to control the kickr

I isolated the issue to the companion app, because my Elemnt bolt can control / ERG the Kickr and when I’m not connecting through companion app but connect directly to the ATV Zwift app, the ERG mode is working on workouts in Zwift. So ERG is working when I pair my BT pm or the Kickr as a power source directly to ATV (controllable is always the Kickr Core). When I pair the Kickr through companion app or the BT PM through companion app, ERG is not working. Free riding while connected with the companion app, the normal resistance changes (so in- or declines), it’s only the workout ERG mode.

Does anybody has a solution, or is this just a known issue?

Hi @cirminsul

welcome to the forum.

Why don’t you connect directly to the ATV?

ERG and separate Power meters does not play well.

I’m connecting directly for now. I prefer the crank based power meter to ensure the measurements are equal to when I ride outside. It used to work, so ERG should work in combination with the companion app.

Hi - I have the Tacx Neo 2 and first time today my ERG was giving me issues. It wouldn’t increase or decrease to the specified number. It was like riding in free ride but I had all my “erg on” buttons turned on (companion app and laptop). I’ve gone through this forum but doesn’t seem like anyone know how to fix this unless I missed it. Any help is appreciated!

Had been having the same issues mentioned here for a while and couldn’t get to the bottom of it.

I use zwift on a Mac with an ANT+ dongle to connect to my Tacx Flux 2. Whenever I used a new adaptor to plug in the USB I had these issues. ERG mode was active but never held the correct power.

Purely because I had tried everything else, I turned around the dongle (the USB-C adaptor can plug in either way) - I then unpaired and repaired the devices (all on ANT+) and the issue was fixed.

Leaving this here in case it helps anyone at all - this issue had driven me nuts for so long!

I’ve had problems with the ERG mode in Zwift for quite a while now - I stopped using the app because it became so frustrating, but am really wanting to get it resolved.
When I start a workout in Zwift, the initial target warmup is usually about 60W - with the ERG on, the pedals become impossible to turn and it feels like 350W. When they do turn, they seem to slip, like a right left right left clunky feeling but with immense effort to get them to turn.
Kit - Wahoo Kickr Snap, running the latest version of the Wahoo ( and Zwift (1.0.106405) apps. I was using an Apple iPad, but tried installing Zwift on an Android phone to see if it would resolve the issue - same issue.
Have performed spindown in Wahoo rather than in Zwift as when this occurred previously, that is how I fixed it. Have also tried performing spindown in Zwift and no difference.
I logged a support ticket previously but the response was more around how to use ERG mode, having latest software installed and doing spindowns.

Thanks in advance for any insights

Are you trying to start from a dead stop? What happens if you are already peddling your bike as you start your workout?

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sounds like the “spiral of death”, as @Michael_Rosenthal is suggesting make sure you are pedaling while the workout starts.

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Thanks for the replies @Michael_Rosenthal and @Mike_Rowe1 - unfortunately I’m pedaling when the workout starts, as soon is the workout loads it gets increasingly difficult, starts squeaking and then grinds to a halt. I had been using Zwift previously for about a year without any issues. I have had a couple of other local Zwifters look at it to see if there’s anything obviously wrong but everyone is stumped.

That sounds like it might be an issue with the trainer? Have you opened a support ticket with Wahoo? Does the same thing happen if you run a workout or use erg mode from the wahoo app on your phone?

My cheap Chinese ANT+ dongle stopped working. Wiggling the dongle did help to find my heart rate moniitor and some parts of the Wahoo Kickr Core, but it was unusable. Tried it on two different laptops. I ordered a new one from Aliexpress.that came surprisingly fast. Now all devices were detected and I could ride on Zwift again. Except for ERG mode, all the sudden that did not work anymore. Searching on the internet did not give a clue how to fix it. So I tried to revive my old dongle, by cutting an old USB cable in half and soldering the wires directly to the contact pins of the dongle. This dongle has no upper part of the shell, so the contact areas are easy to reach. I’m back in business now, ERG mode works like a charm!

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