ERG Not Working Kickr Snap

Wahoo Kickr Snap. First reported 4th Feb.

Its now impossible to do any of the structured workouts. The power number is fluctuating all over the place. 2 exact same workouts just over 1 year apart. Last years is flat lines holding the power number asked for.

And it would seem I somehow unbeknown to myself hit the ERG button on screen or on the companion app. Pass, I can’t say I had noticed it before.

Give them time - they are notoriously slow to respond for anything other than basic queries.

Seeing lots of similar Kickr Core/Kickr issues posted recently that coincide with updates. I have a Kickr for example and have done one workout recently where I had 25-35% variability in power and exactly as you describe (no longer smoothening power even though I can be very smooth with my cadence). And in the 3 years I have had it, its never done it before.

I have no answer but someone here got advice from Wahoo as to how to reverse a recent firmware update - I havent applied any updates yet waiting to see signs that this is properly addressed.

Keen to here what you get back from Zwift team.

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I know this is an old topic, but I’m having issues like this. A couple days ago, ERG was perfectly flat and smooth and working great. Last two days it is completely erratic. Over and under the range within a second, even though cadence is the same. I have a SNAP. Calibrate every ride, try to be consistent with the tire pressure. I’ve tried every variable I can think to adjust. I have no way to know when it will work and when it won’t. If anyone has any ideas on what helps this, it would be great.

Have you checked that you haven’t done what I did and inadvertently switched the ERG mode off and put it onto SIM mode?

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No, ERG mode is definitely on in Zwift! Thanks for checking.

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