Sprint times and Sprint Jerseys

The jerseys are there sometimes and appear as double jersey icons (forward and reverse sprint/kom together, even though you have only ridden in the one direction).

They appear and disappear at random, sometimes quite fleetingly.

It’s quite odd how the behaviour of the once stable and reliable area of the game has become … not so stable or reliable.


Two updates now since this bug started and it’s still not fixed!
Still no jersey icon & the bug of double jersey showing in reverse (only taken for one sprint) as below:

A response would be most appreciated!

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The formula of any response goes like this .

We are aware of this issue but we are prioritising {select some other new feature that users probably have never asked for }.

No response means they know that this excuse wont cut it here , but you can be sure it is what is going on .

And yet another release today and no mention of it .1.16.1 (25th August 2021)

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@shooj is there any plan to get this fixed please?

This is still causing the issues as above :disappointed:

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Don’t bother asking. Two updates since this started and no answer from the powers that be. Very poor service from Zwift.

Another update but still not fixed!
Bumping this in the hope of reply! :pray:t2:

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Crazy state of affairs that 3 months after all but destroying one of the key gamification elements with a combination of unwanted and ill judged features and out and out UI flaws and we have to pray for them to fix a borked release like this . Come on Zwift restore some faith that you actually care about this stuff .

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@shooj I can confirm that this is an issue. This has been broken for a few months now. Both the double jerseys bug Double jerseys bug and the sprint times resetting each time you go through the segment. I think for the double jerseys one rider “steals” the jersey from the other rider, resulting in only one rider getting both the reverse and forwards jersey when both should get their proper jersey.


I’ve gotten to posting the top sprint time each lap so we can keep track of the fastest within the whole event.

Can i ask a question i should probably know the answer too, but is there a way to see the female leaderboard/s? Would like to be able to track both male and female times in a better way than seeing if the jerseys are visible (still bug there) and then what time the female rider has on the leaderboard.

It feels a bit one sided to say “great sprint Bob!” without equal acknowledgement. AJ

We were in a Meetup today both of us got both Sprint jerseys in NYC.

See this is what both of us saw at the same time.
On my screen I had both Jerseys and Andy saw he had Both. :scream:


did your avatar actually get the jersey, or was it just the icon on the Zwifters nearby list?

Never got the jersey. Just the icon.

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Issues we know were created about 3 months ago .

Have anyone had ANY conversation or response from Zwift about that at all . I know they are ignoring this thread , but the changed behaviour was not mentioned in release notes and the resulting bugs are as far as I can see have never been queried let alone acknowledged . On face value it would seem Zwift think this is all AOK ??

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Unfortunately, Zwift only shows the women’s leader boards to women. It’s pretty lame, but there it is. On rides I’ve done with sprint shout outs with a male beacon, he has asked the ladies present consistently to let him know who posted the fastest time and what it was.

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Thanks Lebasi, i thought that was probably the situation. I will raise the point and see if we can ask for there to be some way to toggle between: ALL Riders / MEN Only / WOMEN Only. AJ


I tried lobbying to show women’s results as a matter of course last year. But it didn’t gain any traction:

Hope you have better results. Thanks!

Yet another update and still not fixed!! And no communication either :worried:
This is a massive disappointment to say the least that it has been overlooked again.

@shooj please could this be addressed it really has ruined an integral part of the Zwift experience.

:pray: :sob:

I refuse to give up on this thread!!!


Keep On!

Is difficult to believe this is something really difficult to fix. AJ




Yes its called feature branch rollback.