Sprint times and Sprint Jerseys

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This change has messed up several Zwift events. Is it intentional or a bug? Can we get a comment from Zwift?

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To make sure I’m clear: the issue is that you can take a sprint or KOM time and not have your rider wear the actual jersey?

Or that the “winner” of the sprint or KOM is not the actual winner based on time?

I want to make sure because it looks like there a few different things happening in this thread.

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@xflintx There seem to be several issues.

Sprint/KOM jersey not appearing on the leading avatar.
Sprint/KOM jersey marker not appearing beside the leader in the “Riders Nearby” list.

But most disruptive is that Sprint/KOM time resets each time through the finish arch.

Previously the Sprint/KOM leader boards worked as follows:
Go through sprint section, time 19.0 seconds, take the top time, receive the sprint jersey.
While holding the sprint jersey, go through the sprint section again (less than 1 hour later), time 26.0 seconds. Leader board retains your previous time of 19.0 seconds at the top and you retain the sprint jersey.

That changed to:
Go through sprint section, time 19.0 seconds, take the top time, receive the sprint jersey.
While holding the sprint jersey, go through the sprint section again (less than 1 hour later), time 26.0 seconds. Leader board removes your previous 19.0 second time and replaces it with your new 26.0 second time, and you lose the sprint jersey.


Things Like this: The Icon show I got the KOM in both directions but my avatar is wring the Sprint Jersey.

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Plus sprint/KOM jersey markers appearing (or not) for both directions together. And of course only the latest time counting works the same whether you are at the top or the bottom of the leaderboard.

If you know how it is supposed to work, all this is really obvious.

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Essentially the leaderboard system seems to changed from ‘best effort’ to ‘most recent effort’. Which could have its merits in an event with laps and a points system, but it seems to be ubiquitous.

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After poking around a little, here is what I’ve dug up:

  • For events, segment jerseys have never appeared on avatars. We show only the event riders on the leaderboard while that event is active, and the segment jerseys don’t appear on the leader of the segment during the event.
  • We have an issue checked in for sprint times being incorrectly overridden, but have not found the solution yet.
  • We are aware of the jersey icon not showing when it should for the leaders, and we expect to have that fix shipping soon.

Thanks for the reports and for the precision to help me get the answers for you.


Good job Flint. This is how it should be managed with well detailed explanation and solutions when possible. Thank you.

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Please understand I’m never trying to dodge the questions or the issues, it’s just that I am one person and you are many. Frankly, the forums are a full time job, and while it isn’t my job, I want to do what I can when I can. Finding that when is often the hard part.


This. Except for the part about not even acknowledging the existence of the thread for 3 months… :frowning:


@xflintx , I understand exactly what you mean. I guess we’re disappointed that either Zwift does not have a position that does do forum feedback as their prime job or the person doing that has too many other things to do and can’t get to it. Either is less than optimal. This is compounded by people being told to post their problems here and getting absolutely no response for weeks at a time.

Thank you for taking the time to fill us in whenever you can. We truly appreciate it.


Thank you @xflintx for addressing this thread, just to add that although in events we know your avatar doesn’t wear the jersey if you win the sprint but you would normally see the sprint icon jersey next your name if you have taken the lead of the sprint leaderboard of everyone currently riding that world (not just in the event)
Also the other glitch we have previously mentioned is the reverse double jersey bug, if you win the sprint you don’t see the icon next to your name but you wear the green jersey, however if you immediately do a u turn you will then see a double reverse sprint icon next to your name (but not wearing a jersey) even if you haven’t sprinted the reverse.
Look forward to the fix :pray:

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This has been going on for a couple of months ZWIFT is not interested or it would have been sorted. It is ruined a great part of the game.

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This is true , but the change in how that leaderboard is constructred (last effort rather than best) . Does change this . To some extent the change is beneficial in event terms (only) because you can see how you are stacking up in current lap with others , very useful for breakaway or chase down efforts in races for sure. However I think the negatives of the original change outweight this hugely so in the spirit of keeping this simple , just roll back the feature release for when the change was made .

Does this mean that the current change to set leaderboard based on last effort ( as opposed to previously it being best effort in last hour) is acknowledged as a bug (as it has not been publically so far ?.

Is this also being linked and addressed in the same ticket are the linked issue that when you are not riding in the KOM direction to wear the jersey you get 2 jersey icons shows (for both segment directions) .

Actually, that’s not quite true. Under some mysterious combination of circumstances, if you entered the start pen wearing a segment jersey (possibly even (or only) from a different world), you’d keep it throughout the event. This was probably not by design, though, and scoring a jersey during the event indeed only gave you the jersey icon next to your name on the nearby riders list.

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@xflintx This may help. I did two laps of Richmond this evening, taking it substantially easier on the second lap. Every segment here is the same - my best time was replaced on the leaderboard by my most recent time. This isn’t how the leaderboards always used to work.

Click to open


@xflintx Is there any progress for these issues? Thanks

+1 @xflintx can we get some update on whether this issue is now fully acknowledged even , and if it is going to be fixed in this months release .


Both the tickets we are using to track this are marked as being ready for the upcoming release. It’s not likely they’ll not make it in, though there’s always a small, tiny chance. Keep your eyes to the forum for the notes and be ready for the release later this month.


Good to hear!! Thanks for letting us know look forward to this being sorted! :ride_on: