Sprint times and Sprint Jerseys

+1 Not a fan of these changes , not least because there was absolutely no customer voices asking for this , doubly annoying that Zwift are not fixing and addressing things we DO want and at the same time changes things we DONT .

On top of that this unrequested tampering introduced bugs as well Sprint Jersey Bug

(note to repliers - do vote for the issue so it gets noticed and maybe taken seriously.)


There seem to be at least three different threads on this right now. The problem might get more notice if they were merged to one topic. Can a wayfinder help with this?


Done. Let’s see when a new topic get created. :flushed:


Lol, thanks Gerrie!


Definitely also affects KOM times. In an event tonight my position on the leaderboard was determined by the slower time I set on a second lap, not the one I set 35mins earlier.

If by design, this is rubbish.

Edit: exactly as @Lebasi_Lashley mentioned earlier.


Zwift HQ please can you give us an answer/update on resolving this? :pouting_cat:

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I just finished riding with ZZRC in London; after two of the uphill sprints (I won both), no jersey next to my name and no green jersey on my avatars when the event finished. Gimme a break Zwift what have y’all done? Please fix this, the fun is dwindling.


Mark I totally agree - Just making sure this thread doesn’t get ignored!!! A reply please Zwift? :angry:

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Since Zwift rolled back the July update I have been able to ‘wear’ the Sprint Jersey (At least twice late last week). Although the after ride report only indicated that I got PRs, not mentioning the jerseys. I did notice on a group ride yesterday that the Sprint leaders were not wearing green (just the icon next to their name in the UI). I wasn’t sure if that was a byproduct of a group ride and the default kit being selected by the organizer or part of the same issue that has cropped up.

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On Group Rides i don’t recall the “leaderboard jerseys” ever overriding the “group ride club jerseys”. The riders topping the leader board just get just icon/s next to their name on the right hand list.

The only jerseys that do override these are the pro rider jerseys, if we lucky enough to have one along on a group ride.

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There is something weird going on with the jersey indicators on the list of riders as well. On and after my lolcat adventure of the day on Seaside Sprint, at some points I got both forward and reverse green jerseys showing (haven’t done the other direction in months so no chance of me having it) and at others I had neither.

After the event with the actual jersey showing on my avatar as well, the lack of indicators seemed to match the direction of the jersey segment, and both indicators were shown when the road I was on was going in the “opposite” direction.

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Confirmed yes that is also a bug introduced with the new unwanted functionality.

  1. KOM times are reset every lap
  2. Jersey does not get tagged to your name in the nearby list if you are wearing it
  3. Shows duplicate jerseys ( both forward and reverse which you dont hold)
  4. Doesnt show you wearing the jersey in some situations , but then shows you tagged in the list. (This is a combination of previously poor UI and introduced issues .


Can you let us know if the new way the sprint and KOM jerseys are working is a new feature, a bug, or a little of both?

Thanks much for your help!


Still no response from Zwift even though this bug continues :unamused:
This really ruined a lapped sprint event this week - please please can this be fixed!! For a lot of us Zwifters this is a really crucial part of the experience and training :tired_face:


I sent a message describing this issue customer support. It was a longer message with details but concluded with:

“Both problems are described in detail on the forum and it would be really nice to have a response from Zwift and to know whether the change to the leaderboard was intentional or is a bug.”

The response I received was:
"I’m sure that the Zwift tech team are aware as it appears to be an issue affecting a number of users and it’s on the forums.

As an ambassador I don’t have the power to sort this, but hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Thanks again and Ride On."

My reply to that included:
“The reason I wrote here is to get some acknowledgment of the issue. No staff from the forum has acknowledged the thread (despite being asked); it has not been marked as a known issue so there is no reason to assume they know about it. Nor has any Zwift staff answered the direct question as to whether this is an intentional change or a bug.”

And concluded with:
“Your help in making sure this is properly communicated about to tech and back to users like myself is very much appreciated.”

I’ll keep my fingers crossed and let you know what I hear, but not feeling particularly hopefully as the response I got seemed crafted to primarily to disengage rather than to support and resolve.

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That is text book support interaction most get , certainly what I get , a sort of thank you for letting us know we really apprecaite this but unable to conclude or see a support issue through to conclusion or beyond that. If the experience was good turn around on support issues that sort of patronsing approach might cut it , but as we stand it just piles more frustration onto the fire . Its less an indication of disengagement but a sign that it is not just us the end user who are frustrated and not empowered , but those who work threre are equally affected , that might go quite far up the organisation too . Zwift is not the only company in the fitness app world who seem to operate like this , some who shall remain nameless are a lot worse , no idea why it seems to be endemic in this sector as it does not lead to good customer retention and feedback or approval ratings.

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Looks like you might be right that there is a lack of empowerment internally, Graham. Here’s the response I received:

"I’m afraid I don’t have a code to be able to pass this along.

I wish I could help you further, but the forum is the best place to report this."

So back to where we were…hoping a Zwift staff member will chime in here.

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Hope should not be considered a viable course of action.

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Its so bizarre and dysfunctional . Its almost like you ask for support and you end up being asked to provide support . Seriously , the person who advised YOU to get support from forum , why are they not posting in the forum themselves if they think its so good . :confounded:

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Thanks for going to support although they haven’t been very helpful I will do the same as well and keep on at them!

Was super disappointed today once I had updated - really thought they would have fixed this bug in this update…… but NO! But as can see it continues…

Wearing jersey but still no icon next to name which continues to ruin events with sprints in as there is no way of knowing if you have taken the jersey it’s very frustrating!!! :angry:

Come on Zwift a response at least?