Sprint jersey changes

I’ve noticed a significant difference in the way sprint jerseys are awarded. It used to be if you had the fasted sprint within the last hour you retained the jersey - even if on a subsequent lap you post a slower time. If you retained the jersey, you knew you had the fastest time of all the riders currently on the course. Now it seems only your most recent effort is used to determine jersey ranking. This change makes winning a jersey rather a hollow achievement. You can no longer be certain you own the fastest effort of the riders currently on the course.

As an example, someone could have posted a 10.0s sprint on their first lap (taking the jersey), then a 12.0s sprint on their second lap (let’s say this is the second fastest time at the moment - they retain the jersey, now hold it with the 12.0s sprint - not the 10.0 sprint). If I come along and post an 11.0s sprint, I will take the jersey - that seems wrong. They’re still in the world and hold a faster time than me - why should I have their jersey?

Somehow it feels wrong to wear a jersey you might not have earned, or to lose a jersey to a time posted that is slower than your best effort in the last hour. I much preferred the previous method of jersey awarding - the timeout made it impermanent (which is good), but also let you know at least you had the top time in the past hour.

I agree, Jason. Thanks for pointing this out. It also makes group rides that focus on competitive repeating sprint circuits harder to track in terms of who posted the best time during a session.


As group ride leader that uses Richmond The sprint thing has messed up what was a great competition. Does anyone know if a glitch or change.