Double jerseys bug

Noticed today after doing the Specialized climbing series that riders who got the jersey for ADZ had double jerseys next to their name, didn’t get an image of the alpe bug but it showed one jersey that was reverse and one that was regular. Saw this for the epic kom jersey, ADZ, and Fuego flats. Here is an image of the fuego flats one.

Rider behind me had one jersey but displayed as two. On MacBook Air 2020.

Same thing happened to me but with another problem, yesterday I rode 2 different routes in NY map, in the first ride I took a green Jersey, later on I noticed I didnt have the green Jersey next to my name-

Finished the ride and continued to the second ride, as I casually rode suddenly I got the icon of 2 green jerseys next to my name but I didn’t do any sprints yet-

after couple minutes I lost the 2 icons of green jersey but suddenly now I got the green jersey on my avatar. in
the 40 min ride I did, this happened couple of times.
this all stuff doesn’t make sense because this route had no sprints in it.