Green Jersey sticks into Event

Came across an interesting bug the other day. Before ZRL finals, I wanted to pre-ride Glasgow Crit in reverse for my warmup. I went through the hack to get there by selecting a workout, choosing the course and then completing the workout to do a free ride. Upon completion of the lap, I was given the Green jersey - because nobody else was there riding the course in reverse (I suppose).

Anyway, when I switched over to the ZRL race, my avatar showed up in the Green Jersey. However, the ZRL event was for the Forward direction. Either way, I kept the jersey the whole race.

Next, when that race was over, I saved the ride and returned to the Home Screen before entering Part 2 of the Finals. Upon entry, again, I still had the Green Jersey - just couldn’t shake it. Ultimately not a huge deal, but a bug nonetheless.

This has been happening since forever. I expect that everyone else in the event did not see your green jersey - they saw your normal kit.