Make the course gradient graph much more visible

Yes fix the gradient map its terrible.

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yes French profile map is pointless. Ventoux dwarfs everything. Happens in a couple of other routes also. also pretty hard to even see yourself on it.

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What is out? The link does not work.

bump just fix it!

Oh yes, i use a pc and we don’t able to read the gradient graph correctly …

Please offert a zoom feature ou other fonctionnality to see the graph in greatest size !

Yeah, big +1 from me here.

I can’t see the graph on my 1080p monitor and its really hard to tell where I am in relation to the climb/sprint/milestone.

I can’t tell on my 60" TV 5 feet in front of me! :smile:

plus one vote - the current indicator does not show changes until after the rider needs to change down.

Its beyond just being a bad graphic. Not having advanced warning on gradient changes is really bad for peoples gears - having the gradient change with no real warning leaves the rider slowing to stop to take the pressure off the chain or crunching down the gears

There’s a really nice and simple implementation in Rouvy for example