Make the course gradient graph much more visible

another option would be to have such data on the companion app which is currently just a repeat of the data already on the screen ( excluding incline %, which is no where to be seen if you turn the HUD on the main game off ! )
For those of us on an appleTV we need to use the companion app a lot anyway !

Yes to this feature request.
The incline data screen is very difficult to use - especially when Zwifting on an iPad.

It would also be good if the elevation scaled to the route your were on.
In France, Ventoux always dominates, everything else is shown “flat”


Over a year since my last commment and STILL NOTHING?

Yep, still no improvement in sight. This is annoying because this should not be a fundamental change, just a better way to visualize data already there. I can imagine some difficulties doing this on all devices Zwift runs on. Suggestion: switch the power graph to a circle form in the upper region and just use color coding to indicate power… That would free up a lot of screen space at the bottom for road related information.