Give Zpower riders their own KOM/Green jersey

(Eric Fletcher) #1

Powermeter and Smart trainer for the main KOM/Green and Zpower in their own list, which will help motivate them to get better equipment for Zwifting (if they care of races and jerseys, otherwise they can just train).

(Stewart G teamWBR) #2

I agree but the only thing against it will be the fact that the largest potential subscriber base with not have smart trainers or power meters and I imagine they won’t want to discriminate this group.

(Eric Fletcher) #3

That makes sense, that’s why they should get a jersey for each category but only against other Zpower riders. Overall KOM and Green jersey would be for smart trainer and Powermeter users. This will help with later racing options as well.

(James Bongard) #4

Maybe also make sure people have entered their correct weight. When I see someone without their flag set up I wonder if their efforts are legit as they probably havent logged in to their profile.

(' BTCNJ-Jim-HUBS(D)) #5

Are you saying people with Powermeters and Smart Trainers have an advantage over people using dumb trainers and Zpower .

(Eric Fletcher) #6

Not at all. Zpower can lead to those super human performances you see on the island, as its just guessing at your actual power. This leads to accuracy issues and anomalous power to weight numbers. I do think people with powermeters have an advantage in that they are training with power and able to accurately measure their progress, but I am no sure that what you meant.

(' BTCNJ-Jim-HUBS(D)) #7

Before the 1/15/15 update I would agree that Zpower was reporting 15 - 20% more power than rider was capable of producing . I currently think Zpower is much more realistic now . I am on a KK road machine 110 psi and 3 turns . No slippage . If I compare it to TrainerRoad Virtual Power using 2 ant + sticks if anything Zpower is lower than Virtual Power by 40 watts or more . But I also thnk my avg mph on Zpower is 10 % higher than if was riding outdoors . Once they add the wind resistance to my 6 ft frame , I think it should be spot on . I also think it has been reported the Wahoo Kickr has hic-ups that are responsible for those 1200 watt laps . We are still in Beta and I have confidence in the Zwift team is going to sort this all out , to make it as fair as possible for us all .Fingers Crossed , Cheers !

(Chris O'Hearn Masters (E)) #8

@ b jimmy It’s not really fair to assume that someone without flags has not set up their profile correctly.

Not all country flags have been loaded yet. They may simply be riding under a country where they can’t display the flag.

(John Scott) #9

I would like one of those 1200 watt lap hiccups just once. It would be fun to fly around the island like that one time. And then immediately apologize to everyone else for the hiccup. Though I would feel bad about KOM’s

(Joel Dudgeon) #10

I’ve never seen anyone with a power symbol beside their name putting out 1200 watt laps but every time I log into Zwift to ride, invariably I’ll see 2-3 zPower users doing 10-14w/kg laps; if there are zPower users on, they will also have the jerseys. Seriously, 26 seconds for that CCW climber’s jersey? Yeah right. These zPower users all claim to have their trainers setup correctly and insist it must be a Zwift issue - yet I’ve seen other zPower users with much more reasonable and consistent w/kg outputs. So I’m more inclined to say that zPower is much more prone to “cheating” the numbers by using intentionally incorrect settings, trainer setup, etc.

I’d be surprised to see people with Kickr’s pulling 1200w laps - that’d be a Zwift data issue not a Kickr one as the resistance would be insane and unsustainable for a lap. Still, I’ve never seen it.