Hide Zpower Riders

I would request the option to “hide” all riders using zpower. Most seem to be way over powered and I’m not going to “flag” them. I’d rather just ignore them. I would like to request the option (checkbox) to hide all power riders. Hide them on the roads, hide them from the leader boards, make it as if they did not exist if you check that box. 

Thank you.

Kind of an elitist attitude since there are probability just as many using uncalibrated smart trainers/power meters and people inputting the wrong weight.

Zwift just improved the algorithm to identify fliers so this should help in leveling the playing field.

Zwift is for everyone, not just the ones with expensive trainers and power meters.

Have fun and Ride On! 

Paul, the request does not affect uncalibrated zpower users. The request simply asks to hide certain users from MY view. The request would, in no way impact people not using “expensive trainers and power meters”. 

Rather than enter a request like others here (Separate KOM jerseys or NO jerseys for zpower users for example), I am simply asking for the option to hide them.

I agree, simply having the option to hide those riders would be a nice addition.

What is the reason to hide them? Just because they “may” have higher numbers? 


Adam, just relax and enjoy yourself getting a great workout. Do not bother if others cheat, it is pointless. By the way, zPower is capped at 400W to my knowledge so just get better until you outpace them anyhow :wink: Ride on, mate!

Ah, this old chestnut. We’ve had several posts and threads about this, both sides arguing the merits of them. View options are on the timeline but I can’t tell you where they are.

Closing for now.