Please “filter” all riders who do not feed plausible data into the Zwift Game.

Don’t care so much about races; but it disturbs the normal riding experience if there are riders on the road with obviously unrealistic speed or power.

Or let them do what they want, but give me an option to filter all riders with power above “pro level”.


Surely they’re only on screen for seconds if they’re pro cyclists.

I once believed i could hold the wheel of an elite level cyclist who passed me on Zwift.
It didn’t end well.

Happens all the time some on poor setups others are bots. I saw a stream of ToW the other day some bot rider at a constant 6.1 w/kg.

Those sort of riders should be easy to spot and remove/ghost from view.

During my last workout there was a rider with high speed, passing me again and again and again with 10.000 km/h or something like that. Of course this was not a real rider; someone who manipulated the data in the Game. And it should be very easy to remove such riders.

There are algorithms that detect this sort of thing but there mostly used in racing. There’s also the odd occasion equipment or signal failure causes something like it so it could be genuine.

Seems to be a trend for people maxing out accounts to then sell.

If unsure you can report the rider for investigation.

A small way to start would be filtering the Sprint/KOM leaderboards. The 11 minute ride I saw at the top of the Epic KOM leaderboard is absurd. (zPower rider)

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If there is truly a way to actively identify this sort of activity in a (reasonably) accurate fashion, perhaps the ‘punishment’ should be having all Drops and XP earned during the activity rescinded. If people are using this to pump up accounts to sell, this would then render that useless, and if people have technical issues it might encourage them to be a bit more proactive about solving them.

Or check ZP distance records and sort by power. First page makes very interesting reading with same names cropping up - levelling up :thinking: