Seperate time tables for Zpower / Power Meter / Smart Trainer

Maybe it’s time to think about seperate time tables for Zpower / Power Meter and Smart Trainer riders. Showing if for example using a Tacx Neo only the Smart Trainer times, and giving three winning jerseys for each segment (actually 6 considering both genders). According to the many riders now it’s still not too much. To show in which category the jersey has been won add Z, P, and S next to the jersey icon left to the rider’s name. I know it’s only a game and we love each other, but with the growing number of riders some more fairness would be welcome.

I total disagree, we need to embrace the different trainers.
The only thing we need is a proper ranking system then if someone constantly win a category they get upgraded until they are on a level playing field.

Accuracy will only be a issue in the A+ group because there you cant be upgraded any further.

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Really, they’re still not playing on a level field.

Say a person with an over-reading trainer makes it to the B category. Well they’re still competing against other people there with legitimate power. So it’s still unfair to those people.

All this approach does is say “hey, cheating’s fine until you get to A+”. Which is complete bollocks.

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@Daren_Chandisingh_VI and @Gerrie_Delport_TeamZ

I believe the OP is referring to segment jerseys and not races.


I still don’t agree.

@Daren: Yes it wont be level in the true sense of the world but when he make it to B he will be a bottom B and he won’t always win, he will have to ride his butt off to win. It is not about promoting “cheating” it is trying to level the playing field and make it fun. Yes I know it might be possible that IRL mr B is slower than me, but if we fight it out week after week giving it out 100% it will make us both stronger while having fun.
We should still keep track of things like weight, length sudden performance changes and so on.


That’s not the point. Maybe sometimes he does win, or make it to 3rd place. Pushing out a legit rider into 4th.

I mean, you wouldn’t let a Bronze standard Overwatch player use an aimbot so they could play in Masters.

Yeah I thought that too.

Folks, it’s not about racing, for that we have I’m talking about segments like sprints / lap / KOMs. I’m climbing almost every day Alpe du Zwift and somehow I feel sorry for those using for example a Tacx Neo, working hard up that hill, finishing let’s say with 45 minutes… and then a ZPower rider is easily faster. It’s like racing singlespeed against an ebike. Especially on the Alpe segment the differences between the trainers become obvious. Of course there won’t be total fairness, even between smart trainers (and of course one could still use an ebike on a smart trainer, sure…), but seperating the three kinds of trainer would make the winning jerseys a bit or even much more fair. Why should one try winning Alpe du Zwift jersey when usually the winning time is in the 30s…