Sprint and KOM jerseys

So tonight on Douce France course I got screwed out of 2 green jerseys by someone flying around without a power meter. I got the green jersey on the first sprint then came up to the aqueduct and saw a rider with no power had gotten the KOM on that short climb. Same rider had the top time for the final two sprints. I came in second on both of those sprints.

If you can’t place during races without power why are you allowed to take jerseys? It’s far to easy to cheat purposely or accidentally using a dumb trainer and speed sensor.

Non power meter times should be listed in the results but with no number place. Kind of disheartening to put in a great effort to see it not matter because of some unverified time.

There is always someone faster.

Was it believable performance or completely outrageous?

I don’t have problem with the former and won’t complain. I go after them. The latter ruin it for everyone.

But it is much easier to be faster with Zpower.

Doesn’t matter for me, but I can understand Gene. I think it is not a bad idea - no jerseys without powermeter.

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It was in the realm of believable but who knows what his actual power was. He could be a 2w/kg rider but riding at 4w/kg because of using simulated power.

In reality it’s not a big deal but it would’ve been quite nice for me personally to have had all 3 jerseys on that ride. Opportunities like that don’t come along very often.

Yes, that is possible. My point was, I don’t care if it is believable. There are clear abuses that Zwift needs to address, but if it is believable I am going after them, and I admit, I do like to knock the zpower riders off the top spots. If it is believable and I fail, that is on me. Ride harder, faster, smarter next time. There is always someone faster.

What I do NOT do is try to find blame in others for my performance which is a clear trend in Zwift and wider cycling communities.

How does one even tell if a user is ZPower vs PM user on the leaderboard?

On the Leaderboards if they are using a PM or Smart Trainer it will show a lightning bolt next to their name.

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Thanks, I just don’t pay enough attention to the little details.

If you really want the jerseys, create a meetup on a world that is not on the calendar. I rode in NYC the other day, 18 people in NYC.