No Power Meter = No Earned Jerseys

(Todd Taylor) #1

While on my ride tonight, I noticed one rider had every earned jersey I ever knew existed (king of mountain, top points, etc.).  However, I rode past him twice in one evening (i.e. lapped him) and I also noticed he had no power meter symbol.

I don’t think riders who aren’t measuring power should be allowed to earn special jerseys.

(Tim Heffner (S9R p/b Vittoria)) #2

Or they could just have their own

(Liam Mapson) #3

It is annoying when a Zpower ride gets all 3 jerseys on their very first lap. How can this be even possible?

(Joost Slijkoort) #4

The watt calculation is totally off. My max. estimated wattage was 1200 on my ‘regular’ Tacx. Now i have a smart one, and riding ‘real’ watts, i hardly exceed 800 watts.

So yeah, no power meter = no jersey makes sense to me.

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #5

@ Tim Heffner, yes, the Asterisk or question mark jersey.

(Aaron Church (EMJ)) #6

This is stated almost every ride on Zwift.  They need to separate smart trainers from even power meter users.  Power meter users suffer from wireless connectivity ANT+ issues, so their power jumps all over the place.  I use a computrainer and the wattage increases/decreases are smooth.  I don’t even pay attention to Z-power users.

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #7

I have a zpower indoors and a powertap outside. I am on the zwift calibrated lemond revolution - which bolts the frame to the trainer, not the rear wheel. Its like the kickr, without the electronics. It is way harder to generate watts on my lemond than on my pt. It takes me a good 5 - 10 seconds to hit the ‘max’, and that max is about 30% less than outside. So as a sprinter wannabe its a bit frustrating.

So not all trainers are the same. Like anything in life there are those who cheat. I doubt all those guys with smart trainers, lapping at 5 - 6 wpkg a real. Guys who ride twice a week and weigh next to nothing. Its GIGO. Its not hard to manipulate if your goal is not serious improvement. I see guys coming past me, and when I look at their data they are doing 100 w less than me, and double my watts p kg. 

So you have to focus on your personal goals. It seems to me that cheating is easy if you want. But you are only cheating yourself. I could care less about a jersey that changes on every lap, and every session on a virtual course.

But I have noticed there are a lot of fantastic riders in Korea. I can’t wait for the next TDF, and Olympics.