z-Power Times = Shouldn't Qualify for Earned Jerseys

This is a revisit of this prior conversation:


At least a couple times a week I’m seeing zpower guys grabbing jerseys with some ridiculous times. It sucks when you’ve put out a massive effort only to miss a jersey to someone without a power meter. As an example, I’m frequently on the forward epicKOM with a current PR of 23:37. That puts me in contention for the jersey about half the time I ride, so it does matter to me.

Sure, I realize that Zwift needs to give all riders a sense of motivation and goals, etc. But to be fair to those on smart trainers and power meters, the Z-power times really shouldn’t qualify for a jersey.

I do recognize that our individual fitness is what really counts at the end of the day, and virtual goals are just that, virtual. But it’s still very motivating to earn a jersey the legit way.

You already linked to the discussion in question and there’s ALREADY a z-power thread here: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/202148759-zPower-Don-t-be-a-Flier-