Z-Power Jersey times should time out faster than power-meter Jersey times.

I have to use Z-Power because I don’t have a power meter yet, but even I think some of these times I see on the jersey leaderboards are just plain ridiculous.  One solution is to have the Z-power based times time-out, say, 10-30 minutes vs power-meter times with the 1 hour time-out.  Setting a time-out so that all Z-power earned jerseys cannot be held through one honest lap would seem like a fair thing to do, since what helps Z-power riders (given the lack of accurate power) is really just relative personal Z-power measured improvement. 

Great ideas. Maybe that would also serve to highlight to some miscalibrated zPower riders to get calibrated better? Alison, can’t you calibrate yourself better? I you cannot due to tech issues and others have the same issue, then why doesn’t ZwiftHQ offer a button that allows known miscalibraters to dampen their power by xx% voluntarily?

I think the real issue is when you create an environment for competition, but then have no means to police intentional cheaters/flyers, honest riders have less incentive to ride.  While there will always be cheats, the most blatant seems to involve z-power with intentionally set lower resistance or incorrect trainer.  Unintended inaccurate calibration is one thing, but intentional cheating really makes it hard to bother taking a virtual race result seriously.

I would go one step further and stop z-power users from getting jerseys at all. This would stop a lot of the frustration of smart trainer/power meter users on Zwift IMHO of course…

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I use Zwift for training by Power

Once I don’t have a Power meter to verifying if the z-power is correct I will assume the errors

I already ask feedback about z-power and only a few answers saying that z-power looks like the power I make on the road

I only get one person that used a classic trainer and with z-power and the stages connected to a Garmin edge that said - z-power give me less power than the stages (in a Portuguese cycling forum) 

At the moment I m waiting for a training partner to use is bike with stages in my classic trainer to verify the accuracy of the data

It was good that people with power meters and classic trainers give us feedback with experiences like the on I mention above