Make the course gradient graph much more visible

I would love if the bottom power graph could be changed to a rolling gradient graph of the next 1km, 5km, 10km. Optimally, the user could choose the distance. The entire route may be too long.


I would love to be able to control/configure any of the HUD. :joy::sweat_smile:


I am a new Zwift user, and I have definitely wanted to know when a hill was coming up, or when a climb would end.

But I can wish for this all day when I am out on the road, but I only know what’s coming by riding up there and finding out.

So I figure I will learn these courses just like I know my roads, and I will know when the hills are coming and how long they will last. That said, I voted for this.


finally it’s out:

Haha that’s just mean.

Please add me to the list of customers that just hate the gradient graph. It was good when I first used Zwift a few years ago, then it changed and it’s useless. I ride with an iPad and really don’t want to invest in a huge screen to see the ridiculously small gradient graph. I really don’t think the people that made this decision can possibly use Zwift on a regular basis, or this wouldn’t have happened. It just blows. If the real estate on Zwift is too precious to add the graph back, how about giving us a gradient screen on the companion app.


Zwift is cool, but this elevation graph bugs me the most. It is not intuitive at all, sometimes it’s from left to right and another time its from right to left. And nobody can see this small arrow.

Zwift, please do something about that! Users really want that. Is there something being planned??


@James_Goggin a big screen doesn’t matter. I have Zwift on a 46” HDTV via AppleTV and my bike is 5’ from the tv and I still can’t see which way that small arrow is pointing to determine upcoming gradient changes. This could easily be solved if Zwift always had the upcoming gradient to the right of your location marker since the majority of countries read left to right.

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Or even better if they localised it to the normal reading direction of the language selected by the Zwifter. TBH I don’t know if Zwift supports any RTL languages anyway though.

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There’s enough room on the screen for a separate elevation graph. It would be nice to have it cycle through 3 different “zoom” levels, too.


I’d quite like to see it where the power/HR graph is. As a toggle option, as with that power chart, so I can have one or the other.

We’ll have to wait and see what the big UI update brings. This might very well be one of the things that’s addressed.

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I think we all need bigger TV’s!

LOL @Rick_Hellard_B_B.

I actually have a 27" monitor less than 12" from my handlebars and I have no problem seeing the profile.

I think if Zwift could add a white border it will help.

For me the bigger issue is the scale of the climb and that it does not always show what is ahead when racing.

The radio tower climb being a good example of a problem with scale.

I find it difficult to spot where I am on the profile, it would be better if the rider indicator stayed in the same place maybe at 25% and the profile scrolled right to left. You would always know where to look and you would always be able to see what is coming up. I doubt most of us care about the profile of the road we have just ridden we know that we have just ridden it.


+1 from me. Only joined Zwift yesterday and done two rides and its really unclear. Better visual of the course profile would be helpful as its so hard to see against the back drop of the route.

Ironically twists and turns don’t matter as we’re not turning, gradient and length of climb/decent in front of us is FAR more important!


I agree that the profile is difficult to see in the current implementation. It also seems that the direction of travel for your little avatar dot is inconsistent. Sometimes the direction of travel is L2R and other times it’s R2L. I can’t discern a pattern or rationale for why that’s isn’t consistently one or the other.

I was about to log a feature request for this before I found this thread. Definitely a necessary feature - even though my 24in monitor is setup about 3ft in front of the bike it’s almost impossible to see the gradient graph clearly, let alone the tiny arrow that is supposed to show the direction of travel!


I didn’t even know there was an arrow showing direction of travel, that’s how clear it is! This request needs implementing for how simple it would be to do.


i found doing one of the frech courses, that ventoux was shown towards the end of the graph. ( the route i was on turned off before that)
this resulted in there being negligible bumps in the graph for the KOMs on my course !!