Make the course gradient graph much more visible

I would love if the bottom power graph could be changed to a rolling gradient graph of the next 1km, 5km, 10km. Optimally, the user could choose the distance. The entire route may be too long.

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I would love to be able to control/configure any of the HUD. :joy::sweat_smile:

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I am a new Zwift user, and I have definitely wanted to know when a hill was coming up, or when a climb would end.

But I can wish for this all day when I am out on the road, but I only know what’s coming by riding up there and finding out.

So I figure I will learn these courses just like I know my roads, and I will know when the hills are coming and how long they will last. That said, I voted for this.

finally it’s out:

Haha that’s just mean.

Please add me to the list of customers that just hate the gradient graph. It was good when I first used Zwift a few years ago, then it changed and it’s useless. I ride with an iPad and really don’t want to invest in a huge screen to see the ridiculously small gradient graph. I really don’t think the people that made this decision can possibly use Zwift on a regular basis, or this wouldn’t have happened. It just blows. If the real estate on Zwift is too precious to add the graph back, how about giving us a gradient screen on the companion app.