Game Update 1.47 [August 2023]

I’m sure @_Geralt_of_Rivia can answer for himself but I think it is to do with screen views which require action (usually getting off the bike ) to get past the screen view.

And this similar one, from another poster, which covers Workout report and possibly also FTP change.

It might help if Zwift could take an automatic screenshot and then close the screen leaving either cycling in the world or move to next event option.


To help, (Not my direct feedback, but…) I believe I have seen feedback along the lines of:

  • Please can the results screen auto close (like the old one used to) so Zwifters don’t need to get off their bike to close it down after an event to continue riding.

  • Fix the time, where it does not fit correctly - surely someone must have noticed this

  • The event name, Avg HR, and ability to give Ride On’s are key fields that are missing from the new version (which used to be on the old one).

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I think the other replies summarized it quite well, but the biggest issue is related to it staying open until user closes it manually. Without a way to close it from the companion app, users need to get off the bike to close it from the keyboard, which can get pretty frustrating between short events like Tiny race series.

Even after auto-joining another race event after completing one, the screen stays open without any user input. I think the easiest solution is to add a 60-sec countdown to the results screen, after which it closes automatically.

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Also, the 15s power which is often the most critical is always wrong too so it’s kind of redundant even having the data there!

Is anyone suffering server disconnects since 1.47?

I’ve done 3 races since the latest update and all 3 have had multiple server disconnects where all riders disappear. Nothing in my setup has changed except for the client update.

I’m hardwired to the router and have 900mbps down and 110mbps up. Windows 10 machine.
My girlfriend is zwifting at the same time on tv hardwired to same connection and has zero issues (neither have I for the last 12 months).

It’s killing my experience.
Ran the log file through zwiftaliser and it confirms all the TCP and UDP disconnects.

You can see all the disconnects in my stream here:
Stream with multiple drops

Probably also not recommended, but you can rename ZwiftApp to something else (ZwiftApp.bak) and then rename ZwiftAppSilicon to ZwiftApp - using the launcher will work as normal but use the silicon version… Not sure what will happen when it updates, but I’ll worry about that then!

You’ll just have to repeat the process when it updates. This method has been used before to force the game to run the metal or non-metal version back when that was still an option.

UPDATE September 7

Phased rollout of native Apple Silicon support has begun to Macs with M1 / M2 processors. Barring any unforeseen issues, rollout will be complete by September 12 / 13 depending on your local time zone. See this thread for details and FAQ.

Seeing the graphics improvement from the native Apple silicon support is predicated on you using the latest Zwift Launcher app to kick off your session. As noted previously, Launcher v1.1.10 also gives you the ability to defer automatic game updates. Download the latest launcher + game version here.


Is the new defer feature of the latest launcher though only as long as your first event and the update happens as soon as you ‘end ride’ or save? Is it possible to install this new launcher before installing 1.47 ? Or is 1.47 going to install first no matter what and the defer feature only applies to future updates?

The new Defer Update feature is included in Zwift Launcher 1.1.10 (unrelated to the game release) and you can start using it any time - you can download the latest game launcher here.

We’re planning to include a fix for this in the next game release.

Thanks, but per this quote, is deferring only an option thru the first time you do a ride?

“allows Zwifters to postpone updating their game until they finish their most recent session.”

Correct; after deferring an update, Zwift will update when you exit the game instead of when you start it.

Thanks for the update. But a 1.47.2 fix release came out within 4 days and the bug was already noticed on day one of the 1.47 release. When may we expect the new release?

(Tip: Soon, isn’t a satisfying or reasonable answer)

The release cadence is every two weeks now. So since we got 1.47 last week, then I would expect 1.48 next week.


Okay, thanks.

Beacon on France today still seeing the “turn to Ventoux” stuck on again. Appears this bug isn’t completely fixed.



I get that too. Very annoying.

M1 Mac users please note!

I noticed with the new versions that when you change camera or use an emoticon the “drop-down” stays open. It would be nice after pressing it would go back to default. I believe I saw this with companion app, and perhaps also on ATV when controlled with Zwift play (but not to sure about that)