Game Update 1.47 [August 2023]

Fixed? The dark bit of the moon is often darker than the sky in reality.

Wow, someone need a snicker….

It was a genuine question, because it looked really realistic to me, because indeed sometimes the dark part of the moon will be darker then the sky

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I wasn’t annoyed.

just there are many occasions where people will jump on people for pointing out tiny things that are wrong and don’t affect the game in any meaningful way. I was just pointing out i am not at all bothered by the appearance of the moon!

Edit - ps - what is a snicker?!

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maybe a little bit but not to that extent and there are times when it covers the clouds in the sky. If that has ever happened i’d like to see that!


That’s an old post from way before the Apple silicon binaries because available though.


I deleted it. People curious can still find that post through your quote comment,

I’m having frequent crashing with the update on my iPad Air 2. Is my tablet too old or is it the software? Would love some help, because crashing mid-ride is the worst!! Thanks!

Can you try doing a full reset? It wipes everything, including ipadOS. You need to reinstall the app. See if it works… I think this might be partly an ipadOS/iOS ‘lint’ problem. Wiping it might fix it.

It is rising (or setting, possibly) pretty much due south.

I suspect it is a Death Star disguised as a moon.

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But it does look pretty awesome, for a game where people ride their trainers, that go nowhere.

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In my mind’s eye, that phrase can be found in six-foot lettering on the walls of a very large open-plan office at ZHQ. :grin:

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It was also a joke amongst Peloton addicts. I think that was what got them to do ‘scenic rides’, so riders could at least ‘go somewhere’ while physically going nowhere. Zwift is just a different version of that. It’s a cartoon with enough interesting scenery to make it doable for long periods of time.

I did like the Peloton scenic ride through Sydney, Australia. Having just visited and walked a lot of the city, that real video ride was filled with clips of being there, and some of the simulated scenes in Zwift are places I’ve been IRL too. It sure makes it more addicting/fascinating/special. :sunglasses:

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With apple silicon support out now, is there a current guide/howto on how to get the most out of our mac’s?

I know of two people who have had Zwift freeze completely recently running on an iPad. One when the clock hit 0 to start a race and another just cruising around on volcano circuit. At least in the case of the race everything was still working and other people could see the rider pedaling etc., but his screen was simply frozen.

The genie is already out of the bottle. Rather than force people to “hack” in order to run the Apple Silicon version, it boggles my mind why you don’t provide an option for people to “self identify” as early adopters like pretty much every major web platform does. This also provides mutual benefit, so it’s really a no brainer.

Just provide a button for people to “use early access software” and boom, everyone profits.

We’ve released a v 1.47.2 patch.


@shooj. But the Rizer steering bug remains. I feel sort of LEFTout!

What specifically are you calling out as needing to be fixed with the new results screen?