Game Update 1.33 [January 2023]

Hi Zwifters,
Zwift game version 1.33 is ready to download for all OS platforms.

  • Zwift runners can now run all the way to level 30 and earn new rewards along the way!
  • A new world is added: Scotland! Scotland will be event only in Feb. Stay tuned for more details!
  • HoloReplays will now be recorded and spawned for complete routes in addition to segments. They will be recorded from all non-rubberbanded activities, and will only spawn in free rides (including RoboPacer rides).
  • HoloReplays will now wait for their rider at the beginning of the segment
  • Added several new elements to the HUD to help Zwifters identify information about their HoloReplays, including a gate at the start and finish arch of segments, icons on the minimap when a HoloReplay will spawn, and iconography in the segment times list displaying which times will spawn a HoloReplay.
  • The 2021 Zwift Academy Tri TT helmet should now appear correctly for Zwifters on PC and Android
  • Fixed some bugs caused by late joining events.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Trainer Difficulty to revert to the max setting
  • Fixed an issue that would cause HoloReplays to keep waiting for the Zwifter at the start of a segment when the option to turn them off was selected. They’ve learned manners now and will kindly leave when asked.
  • Fixed a bug where Build Me Up Lite workout information wasn’t displaying in the Workout Details screen
  • Minor audio fix to the RideOn to only play one sound
  • Minor audio fix for removing the ‘Close the Gap’ notification sound

PC & Mac

  • Improved navigation using the tab key on the signup screen for PC / Mac devices

PC only

  • There is a new minimum mandatory version of the launcher app: v1.1.5 for Windows users.

Android only

  • Menu button is better aligned on the screen

UPDATE 1.33.1 (PC / Mac / Android only) January 27

  • Resolved a bug that could cause smart trainer resistance to fail when paired over ANT+ in some scenarios. Zwifters experiencing similar issues when pairing over BLE should submit a support ticket.

UPDATE 1.33.2 February 1

  • The Windows / macOS / Android versions are released, and you can update the next time you launch Zwift.

  • The iOS / Apple TV versions are pending Apple review and will release as soon as possible. We’ll update this thread when they’re available on the Apple App Store.

  • Drops will now accumulate correctly for Zwifters with Drop balances greater than 1 million. We will be granting Drops for affected users in the near future, with no action needed from Zwifters.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Zwifters to go off-route on specific routes in Makuri Islands events

  • Fixed an issue causing the lead in for Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop to be treated as a full route instead of the actual lead in distance. This was affecting HoloReplay spawns on the route.

Apple Only:

  • Fixed an issue which caused some treadmills to not appear in the Device Pairing screen.

UPDATE 1.33.2 February 3

  • iOS / Apple TV versions are released. Please update at your earliest convenience.

UPDATE 1.33.3 February 6

  • Scotland updates in preparation for the 2023 UCI Cycling Esports World Championship.

UPDATE 1.33.4 March 1

  • Added event updates in preparation for the 2023 Tour of Watopia.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Zwifters to incorrectly see others in the super tuck position.

UPDATE 1.33.4 March 2
PC / macOS: Build 1.0.08507
Android: Build 1.0.08508

  • Resolved a crash that occurs after logging in when a Zwifter’s language is set to Chinese.

UPDATE 1.33.5 Mar 15, 2023

  • Scotland is Live for Free Ride, Club Events, & Meetups
  • We have added another setting called “HoloReplay Type” allowing you to choose where you want a HoloReplay to appear) with the following options:
  • Every segment and route you complete in Scotland during a free ride or events - excluding rubberbanded events - will now be available to you from this date forward to spawn a HoloReplay.
  • Fixed a bug with HoloReplay that would cause the Champion Sprint Reverse segment to show when riding the Glasgow Crit Reverse segment.
  • Fixed a bug when joining a Time Trial event that would cause the start time on the UI to show incorrectly.
  • Leaderboards routes now have corrected segment details
  • Fixed Image Uploading setting to work correctly for both photos and videos.

iOS & ATV Only:

  • Resolved a crash that occurs after logging in when a Zwifter’s language is set to Chinese.

UPDATE 1.33.6 Mar 29, 2023

  • Updates for a new series: Zwift Spring Training

PC / macOS only

  • Required Launcher v1.1.6 update for Windows/MacOS only.
    • This version brings PC and macOS launcher functionality to parity.
    • There are no new Zwifter-facing features you’ll notice in this launcher update.

All good stuff.
May I kindly ask that Zwift investigates and fixes why the distance back to other riders at the bottom of the screen is still missing from Android Galaxy Tablets? I’m not getting anywhere with customer support. This has been a long standing issue, and there is a long thread in the forums about it.
Maybe it’ll be fixed in time for the February update? :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks like some awesome stuff added in this game release! Feel free to check out my article with my thoughts, details, and more here: Zwift Update January Released 1.33 - ZRace Central


Am so glad to see the bug fix on trainer reverting to most difficult setting. This has been a really issue for me in workouts so hopefully this address the issue.


Any optimization done for Apple TV 4K 2022?


How about fixing the bug on Apple TV, when you finish a training session and go back to free riding you are stuck on the gear you finished the training session on. It will not move up or down. This has been going on for a long time now.



All great improvements, and I look forward to Scotland, but I was also really hoping for news on optimization for the new Apple TV 4K 2022. Hopefully there will be some news on this soon.


Will the running level-ups work in the same fashion as it did for biking where you level-up faster? I’ve been running at level 21 for a long time now.


Can’t wait for Scotland :scotland:


Was hoping for Apple Silicon native version and improved version for AppleTV 4K 2022 :frowning:


Let’s goooooooooo!
Curious @shooj - I’ve been thinking about the fact that every day, tens of thousands of rides are uploaded to Zwift (and Strava, and Garmin, etc.). By adding HoloReplay for all routes, doesn’t that vastly increase the amount of data you have to store, since HoloReplays follow your exact movements and equipment (etc.)? That seems like a LOT, say x million users times ~150 routes. How do you guys handle that much data?

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I do workouts on ATV regularly and have never experienced this issue. Can you explain more about it, as well as your equipment setup?

Do you really want this? Getting the extra XP just means you’ll max out that much faster, and then be bummed that there aren’t any more levels. :wink:


Any chance of implementing a draft quality meter like ‘sauce’ offers and also a course profile map that is much easier to read. The current one is about 5 pixels high and 20 pixels wide. You could overlay the course profile along with the heart rate history?



No video recorder as per Eric’s Strava?

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My writeup about today’s update: Zwift Update Version 1.33.0 (107174) Released | Zwift Insider


What happened to the “Zwift with” feature that allows you to ride with other friends or Zwifters? It was available for the longest time, then removed, then brought back again very briefly, and now appears to have been taken away again?! When it was brought back most recently, it was buried at the very bottom of the main page… I would never have seen it had I not come across it by accident! Why was it removed again?!?

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I still have it

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We all were, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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