Max run level still 21? Huh?

Correct, but you are still accumulating XP in the background.

Yes. At 2,222 miles running and presume that it’s same situation as when bike went to level 50 and progress was backdated (no progress bar)

That explains why I’m stuck at 21.
Turned 21 in less than 1 year :pleading_face:
I also want more levels. It’s ok without new clothes. Just want higher level number :grin:


I broke 3000 miles running last week. Feel like that should be at least a new laces upgrade :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Anyone heard any gossip or updates wrt additional levels for Zwift running? I’m spending more time on Zwift cycling since I’m not yet L50 there, yet.
7500km in less than 18 months :rofl:

Word on the street is that new levels are coming

Halleluja! Praise the Lord :partying_face:

New levels would be great!

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They’re still coming…

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Today’s game update includes level 30 for runners

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Told you they were coming.

Great! Are we getting credit for thousands of post level 21 miles? :joy:

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Your xp will be banked. You’ll probably find you’ll accelerate through the levels quickly until you’ve used your banked xp.

Unfortunately that means many will hit level 30 quickly.

Right, I’ve just done today’s 10k.
I’m level 21 and today’s run has seen the slider move level with the end of the orange level indicator.

A quick measurement says that to reach level 22 I’ll need to complete around 90k based on my current HR level.

I can confirm that you get 30xp per quarter of a mile and 10xp per 100 calories.


Did you try any workouts? During workouts you get your quarter miles, calories and interval xp. Im curious if the intervals are doubled as well.

edit: nice consistency btw. 7:30 on the dot for 5 miles straight. wow.


It’s what the treadmill is set at. 26th day on the bounce, every mile at the same pace.

Gonna keep going until i can’t do it anymore.

Not done a workout no but I’m going to say with a degree of confidence that you’ll get double on those too.

I use a Zwift run pod and get fluctuations in speed so my times are never that consistent but close enough for my needs.

What are you using with yours?

Sorry for all the questions.

The treadmill is Bluetooth but not a smart one so it doesn’t directly connect to Zwift.

I use an app called QZ that intercepts the treadmill speed signal and sends it to Zwift.

I’ve written loads about it in other threads but in summary it’s totally reliable and cost only a few of whatever currency you use.

You can also have auto incline and now auto speed depending on what you use to run Zwift.

I had the same issue as yourself with erratic speed reporting and grew tired of watching the reported speed bouncing all over the place. Now it reads exactly what the treadmill is reporting.

I’ll check it out.

thank you

Happy to help with any guidance.