Tour of Watopia [2023]

Most will race… =)

Will late join be from the pens or onto the course with riders?

It should be onto the course.

Costumes and Big Wheels :face_vomiting:
Really disappointing, these Tours are the best part of Zwift normally. Wish they’d have kept the goofy gimmicks to the short ride or something.


UPDATE March 1
Please note today’s 1.33.4 release is a minor patch that contains assets for the Tour of Watopia, which starts March 6. Please update Zwift before taking part in the Tour.


It’s almost Tour of Watopia time and we have sprinkled extra power ups throughout Watopia!

This is a limited time feature so snag those powerups up the Alpe and in other spots in Watopia while you can!


Will they be active in all events?

From ZwiftInsider: Zwift says if you’re organizing a ride in Watopia and don’t want participants to receive extra powerups you’ll need to move your event off of Watopia or contact Zwift so they can add a special tag to your event which blocks these extra powerup grants.


Ah, that’d be why I was getting power ups in the underwater tunnel during my pace partner ride yesterday then! Fair to say there were a few questions being asked in the blob about why that was happening!


Just noting that the title of Tour of Watopia 2022 - Zwift is still “Tour of Watopia 2022”

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Any news yet on the presence or otherwise of Robopacers? Haven’t been able to find the info anywhere…

There aren’t any ride leaders (with a small exception) which includes Robo Pacers.

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The first event of stage one heads out in just over 30mins at 1700 GMT, complete with a juggernaut of 1700+ signups for the longest route, Triple Loops. :biking_man: :biking_woman:

Guess I should get my stuff together :slight_smile:

I now see over 3k for the longest route…and you can’t even tell who the special guest is (other than the first name is Freddy) since it gets cut off in the companion app.

It shows the full text when I look at it - Freddy Ovett.

I just did Stage 1 and notice the start times for all the other stage suck if you are on mountain time. How about some 8-10 am weekend start times? Who sets this up? Riding hard at 6pm or later, WTF?

Not sure what you are seeing, but I see start times on the hour, every hour, including weekends.


have they even been scheduled yet?